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Chapter 1091: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (1)

The Archmagi from the Broken Star Palace wanted to retaliate, but arrows fell on their sides like rain.

Li Xiaowei, who had one foot on the table, was putting his all at aiming at the Archmagi from the Broken Star Palace.

As long as they showed any signs of chanting, he would immediately stop them.

Not every Archmagus could cast high-level magic with great destructive power without chanting like Qi Xia.

Each spell needed at least two to three seconds to be cast, but those three seconds were enough for Li Xiaowei to interrupt their chants.

Without the assistance of the Archmagi, Yang Xi who had enhanced his Sacred Shield was similar to a bulldozer that cut a bloody path through the crowd.

No matter how fierce the attacks of the Paladins and Swordsmen were, it was hard to break the shield set up by a Priest in a short time.

Furthermore, Yang Xi was being very smart with his attacks.

He would avoid attacking Paladins and Swordmasters, and only targeted those Archmagi and Archpriests with weak defense.

Even though the damage output of a Paladin was limited, it was enough to stun them for a few seconds if Yang Xi were to bump into them.

The Priests of the Broken Star Palace wanted to cast a shield on their comrades, but Yang Xis speed was too fast.

His figure was like a ghost as he rampaged through the crowd like a shooting star.

Even his shadow had disappeared, leaving only streaks of silver light flashing one after another.

Every time Yang Xi moved, he would interrupt a Priests blessing.

If there were no Priests, he would knock a chanting Archmagus against the wall.

The scene was extremely savage.

When Senior Brother Qian saw this unimaginable scene, he wished his eyeballs could fall out.

It was true that these few kids were at the beginner level of the second class promotion, but why was it that all of their strength had far exceeded the standard of a junior Second-Class Expert

Yang Xi was a Paladin, but his speed was faster than a Paladin with a mount.

It was not that the Paladins of the Broken Star Palace were incompetent, but they could not catch up to Yang Xi even if they tried their best.

Even if they tried their best to catch up, the effect of the Blizzard was slowing them down.

Coupled with the fact that they were not as fast as Yang Xi to begin with, they were left in the dust by Yang Xi.

They could only look on helplessly as their Archmagi were knocked upside down.

They wished they could immediately roar at that young man, “Do you dare not bully the weak Come and clash with us if you are capable! F*ck, so what if you run fast! You must have been a Lightning Rat in your previous life! As a Paladin, dont you know that its your mount that should run fast!”

The Priests who were targeted by Yang Xi wanted to cry.

It was not that they did not cherish their teammates, but they were honestly unable to protect themselves.

Also, what was with that Priest on the opposite side How had he not depleted his magic power after releasing dozens of totems every second Furthermore, wasnt the thickness of the “Sacred Shield” too abnormal They also knew the “Sacred Shield” spell, but compared to Yan Yus “Sacred Shield”, their shield was like a piece of paper.

At most, they could withstand two strikes from Yang Xi before they were shattered.

He then looked at the “Sacred Shield” on Yang Xis body.

He had forcefully withstood the barrage of spells from many Archmagi without any cracks!

Are you the son of the God of Priests

The Priests were angered to the extent they vomited blood, and the Swordsmen wanted to cry.

A Paladin with a huge shield was enough to cause them headaches, but what was with this kid who would swing his huge sword and release “Blight Slash”

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