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Chapter 1092: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (2)

Both of them used Destruction Slash, but his sword aura was only three meters long while this little brats sword aura was seven meters long…

Did you grow up eating fertilizer Or is your familys sword naturally four meters longer Is this guy really just a Second-Class Expert Is he really not a Great Swordmaster hiding his strength to toy with them

With a huge sword in his hand, Shatter Cut could no longer satisfy Tang Nazhis bold, unrestrained heart.

He roared and lifted the huge sword.

Like a whirlwind, it spun around and directly swept towards the swordsmen of the Broken Star Palace.

Tang Nazhi was like a meat grinder as he whirled through the crowd.

His sharp sword aura swept across the men from the Broken Star Palace.

In a hurry, they all retreated in order to avoid getting smashed into mincemeat by his “Great Wind Carriage”.

As a Magic Archer, Li Xiaowei was very attentive to his surroundings.

At any given moment, there were never less than five arrows on his bowstring.

Regardless of which Archmagus was secretly chanting or which Priest was trying to secretly shield his companion, he would shoot an arrow at them at the very first instance.

Even if they were each on the opposite side of the battlefield, he would just shoot two arrows at the same time, interrupting their chants.

The men from the Broken Star Palace were speechless.

Are these freaks really of the same level as them

But why are their skills so abnormal

They were all Second-Class Experts, but why was there such a huge gap between them

Senior Brother Qians complexion turned from white to green, then from green to purple… then black.

He was sure that other than Qi Xia, all of them had just broken through to the second class promotion and their skills were only at that level.

However, each of their characteristics were particularly amplified to the point of being destructive.

How could such a strange change happen to them Senior Brother Qian could not figure it out no matter how hard he racked his brains.

But, he was well aware that the reason for the current chaos was Qi Xias Blizzard.

It had slowed down the speed of everyone on side, which widened the gap between their speeds to a point that it was hard to bridge.

How despicable!

Senior Brother Qian secretly clenched his fist.

He did not expect Qi Xia to have already made the countermeasures right from the start.

They were now in a passive situation.

If this continued, their energy would eventually dwindle away.

Senior Brother Qian, who initially did not intend to join the fight, finally made his move.

He raised his staff and two seconds later, a Fire Beacon Burnfield melted the ice and snow on the ground.

With that, the people from the Broken Star Palace finally recovered their normal movement speed.

“Kill their Archpriest and Magic Archer first.

Leave that Great Archmagus to me!” Senior Brother Qian narrowed his eyes.

The reputation of the Broken Star Palace could not be tarnished.

However, he did not expect the opponent to be so tough with only five people on their side, and now he had no choice but to fight.

“Tsk tsk, you want to kill me with just that Why dont you give it a try” Qi Xia suddenly stood up from his chair.

Before this, he had been casting all his magic on the chair.

“Ignorant brat, youre courting death.

Ill let you realize that theres a huge gap between us even if we are both Great Archmagi!” Senior Brother Qian sneered.

Under his orders, the Broken Star Palace split into four groups and trapped Yang Xi and Tang Nazhi in the crowd.

All the Archmagi and Magic Archers locked their sights on Yan Yu and Li Xiaowei.

From that moment on, the battle officially began..

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