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Chapter 1094: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (4)

In the hall, Tang Nazhi and Yang Xi were trapped by the Saint Knights of the Broken Star Palace and their movements were restricted.

They wanted to rush out several times but were stopped.

The Archmagi of the Broken Star Palace aimed at Yan Yu and Li Xiaowei and launched a whole bunch of spells.

The totems in Yan Yus hands shattered one by one, but the Sacred Shield that covered him and Li Xiaowei still stayed strong.

Even so, they could sense that the Sacred Shields on their bodies were gradually weakening.

Even though the totem in Yan Yus hands was constantly changing and constantly thickened, under the bombardment of the Archmagi, the two shields were already on the verge of collapsing.

Senior Brother Qian had already arrived in front of Qi Xia, and the battle between the two Great Archmagi officially began.

Qi Xia did not need to chant but Senior Brother Qian still required around two seconds.

As a result, Qi Xias casting speed was much faster than Senior Brother Qian.

However, it had only been a short while since Qi Xia became a Great Archmagus so the skills he knew were limited.

On the other hand, Senior Brother Qian had been a Great Archmagus for more than a decade so he was very familiar with his skills.

Compared to Qi Xia, his attacks were more ferocious and the damage was higher.

For a moment, they could not part with each other.

Qi Xia could not escape the onslaught of barrage, and the Phantom members were completely cut off from each other.

The Broken Star Palace launched a crazy assault on the other four with their advantage in numbers, and so Li Xiaowei and Yan Yus safety was greatly threatened.

“Attack!” Just as they were about to fall under the Broken Star Palaces relentless assault, Qi Xia suddenly shouted.

Following Qi Xias roar, five rays of light suddenly exploded from the five Phantom members.

The next second, five shining figures suddenly appeared on the top of the hall!

“You little bastards, how dare you provoke my lord.” A silver-haired Qilin floated in the air with his arms crossed.

His silver eyes looked down at the people of the Broken Star Palace with contempt.

“Qilin… mythical beasts!” Senior Brother Qian looked at the five mythical beasts in the air in shock.

Qilin, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise and Orochi!

He suddenly understood why there was such a huge disparity between their skills!

All of this was because of their mythical beasts!

Even though a mythical beast was a magical beast, it had great characteristics.

After signing a contract with a human, these characteristics could very possibly be stimulated.

If they were to encounter a master of the same attribute, the existence of a mythical beast would bring unlimited benefits to their master.

If their attributes were different, then no one could discover this hidden benefit.

Take Qi Xia for example.

He was a magus, and the mythical beast Qilin possessed powerful magical powers.

Such characteristics directly caused Qi Xias magic to resonate with the magic in Qilins body, erasing his need for chants!

A mythical beast was rare to begin with, and a mythical beast of the same attribute was even rarer.

Not only did it require the resonance of a magical source, but it also required a contract of life and death with a mythical beast.

Generally, when a person and a magical beast signed a contract, the life and death of one was irrelevant to the other.

When the magical beast died, the owner could still find another one, and when the master died, the magical beast would just once again become a masterless magical beast.

However, there was another type of contract called the Blood Pact.

This was a unilateral life and death contract.

Those who signed the blood contract would die together with their magical beasts if they were to die in battle.

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