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Chapter 1098: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (8)

She was already a Second-Class Expert and if she had to ask Xiu for help for an enemy that was just one rank above hers, she would despise herself for her incompetence.

Whats more, she already had Vermilion Birds help.

With both of them working together, if she still could not handle the situation, she should just end herself.

“Give me some more time and I will think of a way to win.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Two options were laid out in front of her: she either could cooperate with Vermilion Bird to pull away from Senior Brother Zhou, or she could abandon all reservations and launch a counterattack with reckless abandon.

She did not want Xiu to appear because she had her own considerations.

Xius identity was too sensitive to be exposed in public.

Previously at the Vermilion Bird Family, the reason she allowed Xiu to appear was firstly due to the huge difference in strength between her and Ruan Yingzhe.

Secondly, among everyone present at that time, those who had designs on her would eventually be killed in the end so there was no need to fear that Xiu would be exposed to the public.

However, the current situation was different.

Behind her were Luo Fan and Elder Wen.

Both of them were her enemies and if Xiu were to appear in front of them, news about Xiu would probably spread like wildfire tomorrow.

Xiu was the most important trump card in her hands, and she would not easily reveal it unless it was a hopeless situation.

“Shen Yanxiao, arent you arrogant Why Are you scared now Do you honestly think you are invincible So what if you have a mythical beast by your side Arent you still being forced to retreat by me” A hideous smile appeared on Senior Brother Zhous face.

Looking at Shen Yanxiao gradually being pushed into a corner by him, he felt extremely refreshed deep down.

He was the one who brought Ruan Yingzhe into the Broken Star Palace.

Before he entered the Broken Star Palace, Ruan Yingzhe had always been respectful and accommodating to his requests.

Even though Senior Brother Zhou and Ruan Yingzhe were both from the Broken Star Palace, they had more of a teacher-student relationship in private.

When he heard the news of Ruan Yingzhes death, he made up his mind that no matter who killed Ruan Yingzhe, he would not let that murderer off easily.

Elder Wen and Luo Fan watched the battle with unblinking gaze as their hearts pounded.

As Shen Yanxiao gradually fell into a disadvantageous position, the two of them almost cheered for Senior Brother Zhou.

Shen Yanxiao was usually arrogant and unbridled but right now, she was being beaten to the extent she could not fight back.

So what if she was a Second-Class Expert So what if she had a mythical beast The difference of one rank above the Second-Class was enough to change the entire situation.

“Elder Wen, I told you not to worry.

How do you feel now” Luo Fan revealed a sinister smile.

All his past glory had been buried by Shen Yanxiaos hands, so he wished he could do the same to her even in his dreams.

Now that he saw Shen Yanxiao getting suppressed by Senior Brother Zhou, he felt extremely happy!

“Brother Luo is indeed a capable person to be able to invite someone from the Broken Star Palace.

I am truly impressed.” Elder Wen revealed a carefree smile.

God knows how Shen Yanxiao and Sun Never Sets had performed so well during the tournament.

It was as if a huge boulder was pressing on his heart, making it hard for him to breathe.

He hated Shen Yanxiao, but he had no choice but to avoid her due to her strength.

He had been suppressing his anger for a long time.

Now, he could finally relieve his anger and see Shen Yanxiao getting beaten up.

Luo Fan smiled with pride and said, “Elder Wen overestimates me.

Its not that Im capable.

My teacher, Jun Mo, was the one who invited the people from the Broken Star Palace.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao brought this upon herself.

She could have provoked anyone, but she had to provoke the Broken Star Palace.

Even if the heavens have sinned, it was still pardonable.

She brought this upon herself.”

“I have long heard of Great Master Jun Mos name.

I wonder if he is also responsible for what we mentioned earlier…” Elder Wen smiled and said.

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