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Chapter 1105: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (15)

“The agreement between the four countries” Elder Wen sneered and looked at Luo Fan.

“Shen Yanxiao does not even care about the Broken Star Palace.

How much restriction do you think the agreement has on her Just because she did not display her might previously, it does not mean she is afraid.

Its just that we have yet to touch her bottom line.

If we continue to antagonize her, do you think our cities can stop her if she were to attack Dont forget, she still has eight mythical beasts behind her!”

“The Broken Star Palace will deal with her sooner or later.” Luo Fan gnashed his teeth.

Elder Wen was not so polite to Luo Fan.

“Then well talk about it after we get rid of her.”

“Then I shall take my leave first.” Luo Fan forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart and left with a taut face.

In the ruins of the pavilion, the five members of Phantom were locked in a fierce fight with the experts from the Broken Star Palace.

It was clearly a 10 v.s 25 brawl, but Qi Xia and the others were not at a disadvantage.

They relied on their seamless teamwork with the mythical beasts to stabilize the situation.

The exciting fight between the two sides caused the citizens of Twilight City to applaud on the side.

They originally believed that the fight between Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen was already very intense during the tournament.

However, after witnessing the fight between the Five Beasts and 20 plus Second-Class Experts, they could only feel admiration deep down.

“Who are those people Are they all Second-Class Experts” Those who were busy watching the fierce battle were curious about the identity of the experts from the Broken Star Palace.

In a situation where the second class promotion was extremely rare, there was actually an organization who could dispatch more than 20 Second-Class Experts at once.

That was simply heaven-defying.

When Sun Never Sets dispatched five Second-Class Experts in one go, it had shocked the entire Twilight City.

But now, the sight before them was even more heaven-defying.

Over 20 Second-Class Experts… the number of renowned Second-Class Experts was no more than twenty to thirty, right

“I heard them mention something about the Broken Star Palace”

“What is the Broken Star Palace Ive never heard of it!”

For ordinary people, the name Broken Star Palace was too unfamiliar.

Suddenly, a white-haired old man seemed to have heard of the Broken Star Palace.

He whispered, “What do you youngsters know The Broken Star Palace is one of the two most mysterious and powerful organizations in the Brilliance Continent.

In the Brilliance Continent, other than the God Realm, there is only the Broken Star Palace.

The founder of the Broken Star Palace was the human expert who participated in the war between gods and devils.

Do you really think that the talents of humans have declined over the years In fact, the real experts have been invited away by the Broken Star Palace.”

“That powerful”

“What do you think I heard that the lowest ranked experts in the Broken Star Palace are at the initial second class promotion.

Otherwise, which organization could send so many Second-Class Experts in one go”

“So many Second-Class Experts…” Everyone gulped.

Just by listening to him, they felt that the Broken Star Palace was extremely terrifying.

With the old mans words, the masses who did not know the truth immediately felt that the Broken Star Palace was extremely powerful and stood on the same level as the God Realm in their minds.

However, there was a young man who did not think much of it.

“Is the Broken Star Palace that great But why do I feel that they are merely so-so 20 plus Second-Class Experts cant even defeat five youths of the same level.

In the end, their reputation is just slightly better.

I feel that the five youth from Sun Never Sets are the real experts.”

The young mans casual words caused the surrounding people to quiet down.

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