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Chapter 1106: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (16)

Thats right, the Broken Star Palace was already so powerful, but over 20 Second-Class Experts were unable to take down five youths of the same level.

Even though those five youths had mythical beasts by their side, it was still 10 versus 25.

Even with their numerical advantage, they were dragged into a bitter fight.

If this was not happening in their eyes, no one would have ever believed it to be true.

Usually in a group brawl, the one who held the numerical advantage would win the brawl.

However, what was in front of them turned that notion on its head.

The group of spectators, who had previously thought that the Broken Star Palace was an almighty entity, had no choice but to ponder more deeply after they heard the young mans words.

If the Broken Star Palace was almighty, then wouldnt those five youths from Sun Never Sets be powerful enough to defy the heavens

Everyone went silent.

Previously, they already felt that the people in Sun Never Sets were abnormal enough.

A ragtag group of mercenaries with no powerful magical beast was able to forcefully take down the elite team of Fantasy Devil City.

A fourteen-year-old City Lord had directly slapped the City Lord of another city, turning him into the idiot of the show like an idiot and in the final battle, five Second-Class Experts casually came out from their side, shocking the entire stadium.

Right now, those five were fighting on equal grounds against 25 Second-Class Expert… and they had only summoned a mythical-level magical beast…

They were all Second-Class Experts, but the fighting strength of those five youths was enough to stump anyone from the Broken Star Palace.

Now that it had come to this, people were starting to subconsciously be curious about the city that produced perverts.

As the saying goes, it was not a big deal to watch a show.

The onlookers looked forward to the fight between the Broken Star Palace and Phantom.

However, the situation on both sides was not as optimistic as the spectators thought.

Even though Qi Xia and the others were strong as mythical beasts and had seamless teamwork, they were still at a disadvantage in number.

One person and one mythical beast had to face at least four mens joint attack; the pressure of suffering this was unimaginable.

If they had not signed a blood contract with a mythical beast, they would probably have been exhausted to the extent that their legs would give out.

Even then, it was still somewhat strenuous for them.

The experts from the Broken Star Palace were unaware of the Phantoms strenuous plight.

Senior Brother Qian wondered if these five youths were still human.

Up until now, none of them had suffered any injuries.

Instead, the Broken Star Palace had lost two Second-Class Experts in succession.

They were already bullying them with numbers, but they were the ones who lost first.

Senior Brother Qian did not even dare to imagine such a thing to ever happen.

Senior Brother Qian was leading three Second-Class Experts to deal with Qi Xia.

After fighting for a long time, he felt more and more apprehensive.

Qi Xias chantless magic was similar to a human artillery that would blast them if they were slightly careless.

Furthermore, his magic seemed to be inexhaustible and after a series of chantless magical spells, he did not seem to be exhausted at all.

This was simply too much.

“Qi Xia, why are you staying in that Phantom with your strength If you are willing to join the Broken Star Palace, you will definitely reach greater heights!” Senior Brother Qian had been battered by Qi Xias endless magical spells so much so that he wished to bang his head against the wall in frustration.

With seemingly no end to this fight, he could only persuade Qi Xia to join the Broken Star Palace again.

Qi Xia looked at Senior Brother Qian with a smile, but his hands did not stop moving.

He continuously released two large-scale spells with his staff and said slowly, “No matter how good the Broken Star Palace is, it is not even worth 1/10000 of Phantom in my heart.”

Qi Xias rejection was still as decisive as before, but the spectators were secretly amazed.

What kind of organization was Phantom, for Qi Xia to give up the Broken Star Palaces invitation than to leave

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