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Chapter 1114: Preparations (3)

Throughout the whole Brilliance Continent and the Forsaken Land, Sun Never Sets could be counted as their home.

The wanderers had returned home.

The travel-worn carriage slowly entered Sun Never Sets.

Its citizens could be seen standing on both sides of the street—they knew that their City Lord had returned.

Cheers sounded one after another.

Even though they did not know the results of the tournament, the citizens of Sun Never Sets were over the moon as long as they could return safely.

Uncle Nine, Su He and Yin Jiuchen had been waiting outside the mansion for their return for a long time.

They looked around to find Shen Yanxiao but the first thing they saw was a pale-faced Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird crookedly got down from the carriage with Shen Yanxiaos help.

The moment he touched the ground…


Vermilion Bird vomited…

Just as Uncle Nine and the others were about to welcome them, their faces turned twisted.

All they saw Vermilion Bird vomiting all over the place.

They did not know if they should smile and welcome everyone back or cry for Vermilion Bird.

“I… I dont want to ride on a carriage anymore…” After vomiting his guts out, Vermilion Bird was devastated.

The pair of large scarlet eyes on his pale face were filled with tears of pain and his aggrieved appearance was heartbreaking.

Shen Yanxiao patted his back and smiled.

“Youve said that many times.”

Even though he said that he would still stubbornly refuse to return to her body on their next journey…

Yan Yu mourned for Vermilion Bird.

Even though he was a priest, he could only cast blessings on humans.

For a mythical beast like Vermilion Bird, his blessings were ineffective.

“Im serious this time… urgh…” Vermilion Bird covered his chest and almost cried.

“Sure, sure,” Shen Yanxiao acted as if she was coaxing a child as she said.

Vermilion Bird was in great pain.

Little Phoenix on his head copied Shen Yanxiaos posture as he used his small wings to pat the Vermilion Birds head in all seriousness.

Mini Dragon seemed to be curious as it widened its eyes and looked at the vomiting Vermilion Bird.

“Chu… Chu…” Little Phoenix seemed to be comforting the Vermilion Bird.

“Guji” Mini Dragon had no idea what was happening.

“Chu! Chu!”



A mysterious conversation unfolded between the two little guys.

“City Lord, youre back.” Uncle Nine cleared his throat and led Su He and Yin Jiuchen to the front of the returning entourage.

“Youre back.

How is everything in the city” Shen Yanxiao asked with a smile.

A trace of hesitation appeared on Uncle Nines face.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao and said in a soft voice, “Some things have happened.

City Lord, please enter the estate first.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Looking at Uncle Nine, it was evident that something had happened to Sun Never Sets after she left.

“Brother Du, take the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group brothers to rest first.

Qi Xia, follow me.” Shen Yanxiao made arrangements for her subordinates.

It was not a pleasant journey even though the whole journey was on carriages.

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group had sacrificed the most for their victory this time, and Shen Yanxiao had to rush them to recover.

The five of them carried Vermilion Bird and Lan Fengli, who felt weak in the knees, and entered the City Lords Mansion together with Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Jiawei was already waiting in the main hall of the mansion.

The moment he saw Shen Yanxiao entering, he immediately knelt on one knee.

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