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Chapter 1119: Shen Siyus Arrival (4)

“Third Uncle…” Shen Yanxiaos mind went blank in an instant.

She tried hard to recall this Third Uncle that she had thrown into some corner of her memory.

Finally, after thinking for a moment, she finally remembered who her Third Uncle was.

Shen Jing!!

He was her fathers third brother, her grandfathers third son.

He was known as the number one playboy in the entire Longxuan Empire!

Shen Yanxiao blushed with shame.

It was not that she did not have a good memory, but she had only met Shen Jing twice after she reincarnated.

The first time was during theTri-Hall Joint Hearing , and the second time was when she signed a contract with Vermilion Bird and returned home.

Ever since then, she went to Saint Laurent Academy and rarely met Shen Jing.

Coupled with the fact that they were not close to each other, she subconsciously neglected this uncle of hers who did not have much of a presence…

In fact, it was not only Shen Yanxiao who neglected Shen Jing.

Even Shen Feng had subconsciously forgotten about him.

Even though Shen Jing was Shen Fengs third son, he had a personality that would drive people crazy.

Not to mention spending all day drinking and flirting, he did not have any attainments in battle aura or magic.

The eligible bachelor in his forties had yet to marry, and Shen Feng had seen him going berserk every single time.

As a result, Shen Jing no longer stayed in the Vermilion Bird Family.

Taking advantage of the fact that Shen Yanxiao went to Saint Laurent Academy to study, he found an excuse and said that he went out to roam around with his group of friends, but he had yet to see her.

Even the elusive Shen Siyu had a stronger presence than Shen Jing.

“Err, where is Third Uncle” Shen Yanxiao asked with a calm expression.

She did not look at all like she had just remembered this person.

Shen Siyu said, “Your Third Uncle is currently in the Moon God Continent.”

“Moon God Continent Where did Third Uncle go” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

The Moon God Continent was where the elves gathered and rarely would humans appear there.

Other than some merchants, only some bold bounty hunters dared to wander around the Moon God Continent.

“I only received the news not long ago.

Third Uncle and his friends have established a trade caravan that specializes in trade between the Brilliance Continent and the Moon God Continent,” Shen Siyu said.

Shen Yanxiao was practically worshiping her Third Uncle now.

He was indeed a talent to have gone to the Moon God Continent to do business! Even the Qilin Family had never done such a bold thing.

However, this also explained why Shen Jing did not appear when the Vermilion Bird Family was in danger.

This second-generation heir was still far away in the Moon God Continent, completely unaware of the danger that his home had been facing.

“Third Uncle… what a talent.” Shen Yanxiao finally managed to squeeze out that sentence after a long time.

Shen Feng coldly snorted and said, “Instead of walking on the right path, he insisted on doing some incomprehensible things.”

Shen Feng appeared to be dissatisfied on the surface, but after he received news of Shen Jing, he relaxed.

The Vermilion Bird Family was in trouble, and no matter how lazy Shen Jing was, he was still his son.

Even though he did not have any great abilities, he was still considered filial.

Ever since Shen Feng came to Sun Never Sets, he had been worried about Shen Jings safety.

However, he did not mention it because Shen Yanxiao was too busy and he could not bear to increase the burden on his granddaughters shoulders.

As long as his son was safe and sound, Shen Feng would be at ease.

“Third Uncle is quite talented.

The trade route between the Moon God Continent and the Brilliance Continent is not that easy.” Shen Yanxiao had some understanding of the situation and knew that her seemingly sloppy Third Uncle must have some solid capital behind his venture.

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