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Qi Xia reached out and pointed to the others before he explained.

“Life in the academy is too boring, and so we have started a small group.

I am responsible for finances, and Yang Xi is responsible for weapons and such.

We also have Yan Yu, a future advanced priest, who is in charge of any logistic assistance.

As for Tang Nanzi, he deals with any retaliation because he is a simple-minded blockhead with a huge and developed physique.

What we lack now is someone with superb thieving skills and so, I wonder if you are interested.”

Shen Yanxiao looked at the four young masters with a complicated look.

Regardless of their family background or their personal strength, they were some of the very best in the Empire.

As for the group that they had started, it had huge potentials no matter which field they decided to stick their hands into.

She was quite interested because she knew she would be limited if she were to fight alone.

The items that she required to undo the seal would also get increasingly difficult to acquire and it would be a great help to her if she were to make friends with those bastards.

Furthermore, if they could utilize their families influence to help her to gather more demonic cores, then the third seal would be undone much sooner too.

However, she had to ascertain the reason for the establishment of the group before that.

“What are the commitments required, or any rules and regulations”

Qi Xia smiled when he realized that Shen Yanxiao was interested.

“There are no commitments or rules.

Everything is based on personal happiness.

Rest assured that we do not do murder and arson, and we only wanted our boring school life to become more interesting.”

Shen Yanxiao considered it for a few more moments before she looked toward the four youths and slowly quirked her lips.

“I will join your group.”

Qi Xia stretched out his hand toward Shen Yanxiao on behalf of the other three.

“Welcome to Phantom.”

“I look forward to my future days with you.” Shen Yanxiao shook hands with Qi Xia as she smiled like a flower.

The five youths were not aware that their gathering that day was the catalyst of a terrifying influence in the future.

ThePhantom that would cause the Brilliance Continent reputation to spread far and wide in the future had been established in an empty casino just like that.

After she joined the Phantom, Shen Yanxiaos portion of the winnings was inevitably taken by Qi Xia, the profiteer, as development funds.

As for what he intended to use the casino for, she was too lazy to care about that.

The class allocation examination was delayed for one month, and that was a crucial period for her.

She did not only have to study herbalism, but she also had to make trips to the Warlock Division and the Archer Division toborrow some skill books for her personal enrichment.

Her accumulated battle aura and magic was about to burst out, but she had yet to take the first step in the two respective professions.

After they returned to the dormitory, Tang Nazhis attitude toward Shen Yanxiao was even more unrestrained than before!

Lin Xuan was a hundred percent good student and also a first-year student.

So, he was completely oblivious about the casino and did not know that those two villains have conspired with each other as they had genuinely become comrade-in-arms.

He merely quietly stood aside and looked at both of their camaraderie from afar.

Tang Nazhi thought that Shen Jue was a genius.

He did not only excel in herbalism, but he was also a thief god.

Just the thought of Qi Xias defeated appearance made him feel refreshed, and so, he found Shen Yanxiao more and more pleasing to the eye.

Throughout the whole day, Shen Yanxiao forced herself to study those herbalism books under Tang Nazhis revered gaze and that had lasted until nighttime before Tang Nazhi let her off.

The pitch-black night time was the best time for the heartless thief to take action.

She waited until Tang Nazhi, and Lin Xuan were in a deep sleep before she carefully snuck out of the dormitory.

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