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Chapter 1127: War God (1)

Shen Yanxiao dragged her frightened heart back to the City Lords Mansion.

She hastily took two bites of the desserts Yan Yu prepared and snuck back into her room.

Vermilion Bird, who was originally squatting in her room and gnawing on an apple to recover his strength, revealed a tangled expression when he saw Shen Yanxiao sneaking back into her own room.

“This is… an occupational disease” Vermilion Bird was speechless.

He had long discovered that his master had some weird quirks in some areas.

However… is it normal for someone to sneak into their own room!

“Eat your apple.” Shen Yanxiao snorted and sat down beside Vermilion Bird.

“Little Vermilion Bird, do you think there might be a demigod and half devil among the God race” Shen Yanxiao pondered about Shen Siyus evaluation of Xiu along the way.

Vermilion Bird chewed on the apple and looked at Shen Yanxiao speechlessly.

“You mean that guy with the weird temper”

“Really” Shen Yanxiao widened her eyes.

“You dont say.

That guy was definitely the number one weirdo in the world.

Hes clearly a god, but he could devour the power of the Devil race.

Furthermore, his power came from both gods and devils.

Everyone would tremble when they heard of his name.

That guy was extremely brutal.” Vermilion Bird furrowed his small nose as if he was at a loss about that weird god.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

Why did that guy sound more and more like a certain great master

“Youve met him”

Vermilion Bird shook his head.

“At that time, I was standing on the front line with the humans and cooperating with the God race.

That guy was a superior god of the God race and would not participate in ordinary battles.

The ones fighting against him are all devils at the level of a demon god.” It was rare for Vermilion Bird to admit his insignificance in the war between gods and devils.

Compared to the many gods and devils, he was too weak.

Alright, it was not that he was weak.

Rather, those above him were simply heaven-defying existences!

“Superior god” Shen Yanxiao was confused again.

“The God race is also divided into different ranks.

Every god has their own godhood, and cultivating their godhood can increase their strength.

However, their division is not as complicated as yours.

Other than the Lord God, there are only three ranks.

Demigod, intermediate god, and superior god.

A superior god can be said to be the strongest of the God race beneath the Lord God.

Every superior god has their own title, such as the God of Light, the God of Fire, the God of Wind…” Vermilion Bird started to chatter incessantly.

“Stop!” Shen Yanxiao timely interrupted his detailed explanation.

“The god I asked about is a superior god.

What is his title” Shen Yanxiao asked.

The Vermilion Bird paused and hesitated for a long time before he slowly said, “War God.”

“War God…” Shen Yanxiao muttered.

“Thats right, its the War God, the most powerful superior god.

His fighting strength can compete with the Lord God, and he is the number one god general in the God race.

When he fought back against the Devil race, the War God personally led a hundred thousand soldiers to fight against the devil army led by the Devil God.

He used a hundred thousand gods to fight against a million devils.

He alone massacred tens of thousands of devil soldiers and the number of devil generals that died under his hands were countless.” A trace of fanatical worship appeared in the Vermilion Birds eyes.

This kind of absolute expert was worthy of worship.

During the war between gods and devils, the War God had been regarded as an undefeated legend by all races.

From the start of the war between gods and devils to the end, the War God had never been defeated.


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