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Chapter 1129: War God (3)

“To be precise, the War God is a mixture of gods and devils.

He possesses the power of the God race and also the demonic nature of the Devil race.

Before the war between the gods and devils began, there were many humans who regarded him as a devil.

But in fact, he was a superior god.” Vermilion Bird shrugged his shoulders.

Such a controversial god had become the key to eliminating the Devil God.

When humans realized his greatness, he had already fallen.

Speaking of which, it was rather lamentable.

“Human No one in this world would call me that.

They are more willing to call me a devil.”

Shen Yanxiao finally understood why Xiu said that.

All the clues matched.

Xiu… War God… Asura.

Shen Yanxiao never expected that the soul that resided in her body had such a shocking identity.

It was the War God that ended the war between gods and devils and saved the world.

Shen Yanxiao listened quietly as her heart surged.

“The War God is… very noble,” Vermilion Bird said slowly.

Even though he did not like the War Gods personality, he had to admit the War Gods achievements.

For the sake of the common people, he had sacrificed himself to bring the Devil God into the abyss.

He had crushed the Devil Clans arrogance and saved the world.

“Yes,” Shen Yanxiao answered in a low voice.

“Vermilion Bird, do you know the title of the last god” Shen Yanxiao thought of Shen Siyu and could not help but ask.

The Vermilion Bird thought for a moment and said, “The last survivor of the god race seems to be a superior god too.

I think its… the God of Light.”

God of Light.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

This suited Shen Siyus temperament.

Light brought hope and a future.

Shen Yanxiao chatted with Vermilion Bird for a while before she went to wash up and rest.

Lying on the bed, she closed her eyes and sank into her hearts lake.

Xiu stood on the lake with his back facing Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao looked at that familiar back with a complicated expression.

“Xiu, you know Brother Siyu, right” Shen Yanxiao hesitated for a long time before she managed to utter those words.

She honestly did not know what to say.

After knowing Xius identity and everything he had done in the past, she was extremely shocked.

“I recognize the God of Light.” Xiu turned around and looked at Shen Yanxiao with his golden eyes.

“Err… thats good.

I was afraid that you were enemies.” Shen Yanxiao shifted her gaze away awkwardly.

“Right now, you dont have to be afraid,” Xiu lightly said, as if there was nothing to care about even if he had met an old acquaintance.

“En.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

She glanced at Xiu and immediately shifted her gaze away.

“Brother Siyu said that it would be best for me to go to the Moon God Continent as soon as possible.

What do you think” Shen Yanxiao had mixed feelings when she thought of what Xiu had sacrificed for this world.

She hoped that Xiu could recover as soon as possible.

“Sure, go ahead.”

“Then Jia Lan and the rest…”

“They should have a little bit of strength by now.

I will leave behind follow-up missions for them.

While we are traveling around the Moon God Continent, they can carry out their training.” Xiu had already solved this problem.

Training soldiers was not something that could be completed overnight.

Even though he personally trained the advanced-ranked demons, it was still too early for them to become an army he once commanded.

“Alright.” Shen Yanxiao nodded in a daze, but she was secretly delighted.

Xiu was once the War God and naturally, his ability to lead troops into battle was unquestionable.

In the past, the soldiers under Xiu were the sharpest troops of the God race.

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