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Shen Yanxiao had found her way to the Warlock Division with little effort because Tang Nanzhi had informed her about the position of various divisions in the Saint Laurent Academy.

The Warlock Division was an awkward existence in the academy.

The people in the Brilliance Continent did not have a favorable impression of that profession, and it had been many years since the division recruited any students.

Compared to the other divisions that bustled with activity, not only did the Warlock Division have a secluded location, it also looked quite shabby.

The place was utterly pitch-black, and a statue that represented the Warlock Division stood in the empty plaza.

Under the faint moonlight, Shen Yanxiao looked at those slightly damaged statues.

As warlocks were not welcomed, they could not enroll any new students.

Thus, the division was unable to obtain any funds from the Saint Laurent Academy.

The entire division seemed mismatched with the luxurious academy.

The facial features of the status had become indistinct with wear and tear, but an unmoving aerial magical beast could still be seen on the shoulder of the statue.

The profession of the warlock was not at fault.

It was merely the fact that the world did not truly understand them, and that ended a great profession in its infancy.

Shen Yanxiao could not help but sigh.

Even though she lamented the professions fate, she was aware of her motive there that day.

According to Tang Nazhis description, Shen Yanxiao had arrived at the building of the Warlock Division.

The tall building silently towered under the moonlight, and as she looked up, she could see that the whole tower was over thirty stories high.

Shen Yanxiao knew that when compared to a hundred over levels of the library collection other divisions had, the Warlock Divisions tower was excessively miserable.

Perhaps due to the lack of students, the Warlock tower was not as tightly guarded as the other divisions.

She could see that the first level of the tower was only lit with a crystal lamp from the widely opened door.

Under the light, a white-bearded old man with his hunched back stood there as he repaired some damaged books.

“Xiu, what is the strength of that old man” Shen Yanxiao chose to be cautious and asked Xiu.

There were an uncountable number of experts in the Saint Laurent Academy and who knew if that old watchman was a concealed expert or not.

“He is only an ordinary human.

I cannot sense any magic or battle aura from him.”

Shen Yanxiao relaxed.

It seemed like that old man was only a caretaker who managed the Warlocks tower.

It was apparent that the academy neglected that division when they sent an ordinary human to guard over it.

The libraries in each of the divisions contained many skill books.

All students, even those from different divisions, could enter the first few levels of the library with the teachers approval.

Anything beyond the tenth-level would require the student to pass a specific test before they could get a pass to enter it.

They must not have expected anyone to be interested in that obsolete profession as they had left gates to the Warlock Tower opened.

Since that old man did not pose any threat, Shen Yanxiao decided to sneak inside.

As a thief goddess, it was her specialty to gain entry into a building without a sound.

In the blink of an eye, Shen Yanxiao had managed to sneak onto the stairs of the first level from the outside.

She briefly turned toward the old man, but his attention was still on the damaged books.

So she went toward the second level with ease.

The second-level was pitch-black dark, so Shen Yanxiao took out the light crystal that she had prepared beforehand and illuminated the path.

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