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Chapter 1131: The Evening of Parting (2)

Even though there were many merchants in the Brilliance Continent who had some contact with the elves due to the abundant resources in the Moon God Continent, those elves still disliked human merchants very much.

There were practically no humans who could stay in the Moon God Continent for any longer than a few days.

Every time they went there, they would leave in a hurry, fearing that they might be beaten to death by those elves.

In fact, during the war between the gods and devils, the elves and the humans were on the same side.

They were allies and cooperated with each other.

However, ever since the God race perished and the Devil race retreated underground, the relationship between the various races in the world deteriorated.

In the eyes of other races, humans were the most greedy race second only to the Devil race.

They loved money and all precious things.

For power and status, they did not hesitate to harm their own race.

Moreover, humans were crafty and good at scheming.

They were even willing to use sinister means to seize anything and everything that was unique.

In short, the reputation of the human race in other continents was extremely poor.

No wonder the five of them were apprehensive when they heard that Shen Yanxiao was going to the Moon God Continent.

“I know that the elves of the Moon God Continent do not like humans, but when they are facing elves, they are extremely kind,” Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

“Youre not an elf… Besides, an elfs perception is much better than a humans.

Even if you disguise yourself, Im afraid youll still be discovered immediately.” Tang Nazhi softly muttered.

If the elves were to discover that Shen Yanxiao had disguised herself, then… Shen Yanxiaos situation would be extremely miserable.

Elves hated deception the most.

“What if I am one” Shen Yanxiao slightly raised her eyebrows.

Under the puzzled gazes of the five beasts, her black hair gradually faded and a pure silver-white color gradually covered her hair.

A pair of emerald green eyes carried a trace of a smile and her skin instantly became extremely white while a pair of pointed ears peaked out from her hair.

“…” The entire hall was silent.

The five beasts looked at this magical scene in horror.

In the blink of an eye, Shen Yanxiao who sat before them had changed from a human to a beautiful elf!

“What… magic did you use…” Tang Nazhi swallowed his saliva.

Shen Yanxiao, who had transformed into an elf, now looked less crafty and more pure.

She sat there quietly like a flawless statue.

“Its not magic.” As a Great Archmagus, Qi Xia was certain that Shen Yanxiaos appearance was not because of an external influence.

“Its not magic” Yang Xi wondered if he had hallucinated from overworking last night.

“Xiaoxiao, are you an elf” Yan Yu asked with great difficulty.

He could not believe his eyes.

“Bro, pinch me.

Am I dreaming” Tang Nazhi was dumbstruck.

Stunned, Li Xiaowei reached out and pinched Tang Nazhis thigh.

“Ow!!!” Tang Nazhi immediately jumped up.

It hurts! My heart hurts!

Li Xiaowei pinched him so hard that his tears were about to fall.

“Brother, youre really pinching me!” Tang Nazhi looked at Li Xiaowei with tears in his eyes.

Li Xiaowei asked in a trance, “Does it hurt”

Tang Nazhi bared his teeth and said, “Of course, it hurts!”

Li Xiaowei nodded in confusion.

“So its not a dream.”

“…” Tang Nazhi felt depressed.

His kind brother had been led astray by Qi Xia and the rest.

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