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Chapter 1132: The Evening of Parting (3)

His brother used to be so well-behaved and an upright young man, but now, he had become so black-bellied.

The heavens wanted him dead ah ah ah…

“Cough…” Looking at Tang Nazhis grief-stricken expression, Shen Yanxiao was instantly speechless.

Why was this guy always out of it

Even though she already knew that her identity as an elf might bring about a certain degree of shock to the Five Beasts, the moment the shock appeared, it was killed by Tang Nazhis nonsense.

This feeling… was so subtle.

“Xiaoxiao, are you really an elf” Qi Xia felt that his IQ had been challenged for the first time.

He did not realize that Shen Yanxiao was an elf at all.

Werent elves supposed to be pure and arrogant

Why was the one in front of her… even more black-bellied than humans

“I think Ive been disillusioned by elves,” Yang Xi tactfully said.

“Mental destruction, physical destruction… is still quite fitting.” Yan Yu hesitated for a moment before he gave an honest evaluation.

When Shen Yanxiao did not speak, she looked like a pure and holy elf.

When she was speaking…

A variant elf!

Shen Yanxiaos forehead was covered with black lines.

She felt that her previous worries were extremely stupid.

How could she naively think that this group of beasts would be frightened by her reveal They were clearly having a great time!

“Have you said enough” Shen Yanxiao gritted her teeth.

“Err… let us have some fun.

Weve never seen an elf before.

Now that we finally have a living one, you have to let us adapt,” Tang Nazhi said with sincerity.

A good friend that they had been with for a year had suddenly transformed from a black-bellied, crafty human into an aloof elf from the legends.

No matter how strong their hearts were, they would still be shocked for a moment.

Of course, that moment of shock was really only… an instant for the five of them.

After that, their focus shifted to whether Shen Yanxiao was a mutant.

“The rumors are not true.

Who said that elves are pure in heart Drag them out and beat them to death.” Qi Xia had a deep understanding of Shen Yanxiaos black-bellied nature.

That nature of hers would absolutely make countless self-proclaimed despicable and shameless humans kneel and worship her.

“Alas, I no longer believe in rumors.

Seeing is believing.” Yan Yu revealed a tragic appearance as if he had been deceived.

“My worldview has been distorted.

Let me rebuild it.” Yang Xi rubbed his eyebrows as if he was trying to adjust his understanding of elves.

“I think… I can completely change my impression of elves.” Li Xiaowei sighed.

“Enough!!!” Shen Yanxiao exploded!

What noble, cold, and inviolable The description of an elf had shattered into pieces in front of Shen Yanxiao.

“You are an elf.

Your temperament! Your temperament!” Qi Xia kindly reminded.

“Temperament my foot!” Shen Yanxiao glared at him and wished she could slap him to death.

“Elves are a noble race and cannot speak vulgarities… Erm, is a basket considered vulgar” Yan Yu turned to ask Yang Xi.

“In a sense, a basket is a tool so it should not be considered vulgar.” Yang Xi revealed a serious expression.

“That would also depend on where it is used.

I think Xiaoxiaos weapon would be thicker here.” Tang Nazhi joined in on the fun.

“Maybe its a mantra Xiaoxiao likes baskets.

Why dont we buy more baskets for her next birthday” Li Xiaowei seemed to be loyal, but he had gradually turned black.

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