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Chapter 1135: The Evening of Parting (6)

Shen Yanxiaos eyes reddened.

She sniffled and looked at the five familiar faces.

She wanted to say something, but her usual glib tongue suddenly lost its effect.

The words seemed to be stuck in her throat.

Qi Xia stood up and hugged the speechless Shen Yanxiao.

“Silly girl, it is only a year.

Didnt you wander around without us when you came to Sun Never Sets Also, dont even think about leaving us behind and wander around the Moon God Continent.

When the situation in Sun Never Sets stabilizes, we will travel to the Moon God Continent.

So now, dont be too sad.

Otherwise, we will look down on you.”

“Im not that bad.” Shen Yanxiaos voice was somewhat hoarse.

“Arent you ashamed Youre already so old, yet youre still crying Shame on you.” Tang Nazhi teased.

Shen Yanxiao immediately extricated herself from Qi Xias embrace and forcefully suppressed the tears in her eyes.

She raised her head and revealed a determined expression as she said, “What a joke.

Why would I cry Just you wait.

I will certainly make a name for myself in the Moon God Continent in half a years time.

Just you wait and come and explore the entire continent with me!”

She would not allow herself to live a miserable life.

Otherwise, how could she be worthy of the sacrifices her comrades had made for her

She could never fall because there was a group of people by her side.

As long as she did not fall, they would never fall as well.

Tang Nazhi chuckled and said, “You said it yourself.

Half a year, just half a year.

After half a year, we will develop the cities around Sun Never Sets and then we will go to the Moon God Continent to find you.

If you dont do well, we will laugh at you.”

“Whos afraid of who! Just you wait and see.

Youll have fun when the time comes.” Shen Yanxiao stopped crying and smiled.

She knew that the Five Beasts were only teasing her because they were afraid that she would be too emotional in her departure.

“Having fun in the Moon God Continent.

Im looking forward to it.” Yan Yu chuckled.

“Crossing the continent and the ocean.

I think were really weird, but… I like it!” Yang Xis face was filled with expectations.

“Were just waiting for Xiaoxiao to take the lead.” Li Xiaowei teased.

There was no place that Phantom did not dare to go.

Be it the Brilliance Continent or the Moon God Continent, as long as they wanted to, they would dare to enter.

The larger the heart, the larger the world.

“Isnt it just the Moon God Continent Didnt Xiaoxiao say that there are other races in her body Perhaps in the future, we can have fun in the continent where all races other than the God race and the Devil race reside.

That would be fun.” Tang Nazhi clasped his hands behind his neck and looked at his friend with a smile.

“Tsk tsk, playing around the world I like this plan.” Qi Xia looked forward to the grand future.

However, the Phantom members did not expect that the jokes they told to comfort Shen Yanxiao would become reality one by one in the near future.

Not long after the Phantoms name resounded throughout the Forsaken Land, their name would also spread throughout the entire Brilliance Continent.

After a long time, all races would become familiar with it.

However, that future was still too far away for these hot-blooded youths.

The road that belonged to them was still long and the future that belonged to them had only just begun.

The future is long, and we will naturally witness a legend that belongs to Phantom in the future.

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