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Chapter 1136: The Evening of Parting (7)

The news about Shen Yanxiao leaving soon spread throughout Sun Never Sets.

To the general public, Shen Yanxiao only mentioned that she was going to the Moon God Continent to look for her third uncle, Shen Jing.

Only Shen Siyu and the Five Beasts knew her real motive for going to the Moon God Continent.

In her absence, the Five Beasts would be in charge of Sun Never Sets.

Once Shen Yanxiao left, Lan Fengli and the two Phoenixes would begin heading to various mountain ranges in the Brilliance Continent to capture magical beasts.

Their contact with the God Wind Alliance, the Longxuan Empire, and the Seven Kingdoms Bounty Hall had also been put on the agenda.

Before she left, Shen Yanxiao wrote a letter to Yun Qi.

In the letter, she mentioned that Ye Qings concoction of the Blood Banquet Potion was nearing its end.

In another month or two, Yun Qi would be able to recover his former strength.

Another purpose of the letter Shen Yanxiao was to invite Yun Qi and Ye Qing to stay in Sun Never Sets for a period of time after concocting the Blood Banquet Potion.

She also invited her two teachers to be actual teachers in Sun Never Sets, teaching Warlock skills and herbalism to the citizens of Oriental City.

The winnings from the tournament had been handed over to Qi Xia and Su He to deal with.

About the mine, they would soon arrange for miners to mine it.

To the outside world, the news of Shen Yanxiaos departure was sealed to the greatest extent.

No one was allowed to let it leak.

Before she left, Shen Yanxiao went to see Shen Feng, but she could not bear to tell him the truth.

Even though Shen Feng did not wish for his granddaughter to work so hard, he still let her do as she pleased.

When she left the Vermilion Bird Family Estate, Shen Yanxiao specially arranged for Shen Jiawei to take care of Shen Feng and Shen Ling.

Shen Jiawei was grateful for Shen Yanxiaos trust in him.

He promised repeatedly that he would take good care of his grandfather and uncle.

He also asked Shen Yanxiao to be careful and pay attention to her safety.

There were many other miscellaneous matters that Shen Yanxiao had to account for.

A few days later, Shen Siyu left Sun Never Sets.

Soon after, the carriage that would take Shen Yanxiao to the coast of the Brilliance Continent had also arrived.

The Five Beasts, Lan Fengli and Nangong Mengmeng accompanied Shen Yanxiao for their last journey until she was sent to the coast of the Brilliance Continent.

Lan Fengli looked at Shen Yanxiao with reluctance.

He knew that he would not see his sister for a long time to come.

“Sister, this is for you.” Lan Fengli walked to Shen Yanxiao with his head lowered and placed a soybean-sized crystal in her hands.

Shen Yanxiao recognized this small crystal.

Lan Fengli picked it up on the way back from Twilight City.

At that time, this crystal was the size of an egg.

Even though it was not expensive, Lan Fengli liked it very much.

When he heard that she was leaving, he used his hands to polish this egg-sized crystal into its current appearance.

“Thank you.” Shen Yanxiao took it and found a string to tie the crystal around her neck.

Nangong Mengmeng looked at Shen Yanxiao with tears in her eyes.

She did not say anything, but her red eyes were similar to a rabbit.

“Its getting late.

You should get on the boat,” Qi Xia looked up at the boat docked on the shore and softly said.

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

Soon after, she took out a brocade box from her space ring and stuffed it into Qi Xias hands.

“Farewell presents for the few of you.

Wait for me to leave before looking at them.” With that said, Shen Yanxiao boarded the ship without turning back.

The merchant ship lifted its anchor and gradually sailed away from the Brilliance Continent, bringing the people on board towards the endless sea.

The five of them gathered together and opened the brocade box Shen Yanxiao left behind.

Inside the box were five contracts.

She was gone, but she had left a city for each of them.

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