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Chapter 1137: Moon God Continent (1)

The Moon God Continent was the territory of the elves.

It was separated from the Brilliance Continent by an endless sea.

The merchant ship sailed on the sea for nearly a month before they finally arrived at the elves territory.

The Brilliance Continent was the main battleground of the war between gods and devils, and the first area the Devil Clan conquered.

Even though nearly ten thousand years had passed, the Brilliance Continent that had been baptized by the flames of war was riddled with holes.

Demons, causing it to be depleted of its vitality.

However, the Moon God Continent was completely different.

Before they arrived, they could already see the area covered by greenery in the distance.

The ground was covered with green grass, and towering trees could be seen everywhere.

Birds were singing at the top of their lungs, and the unsuspecting little animals were strolling around casually on the grass.

Every single place was brimming with vitality.

This was a continent that had not been polluted, bright and full of vitality.

The elves distaste for humans had gradually accumulated since the war between gods and devils.

Even though the elves had accepted the idea of trading with humans, there were still many restrictions.

Human merchant ships would only be allowed to reach the Moonlight Coast.

No matter which country of the Brilliance Continent they came from, they could only stay at this harbor.

If someone dared to invade the Moon God Continent at will, then the elves guarding the coast would attack and expel them mercilessly.

It was currently summer so it was rare for human ships to head towards the Moon God Continent due to the high temperature.

During the middle of every year, the surface of the sea connecting the Brilliance Continent and the Lunar Continent would stay turbulent.

The waves and storms generated could possibly devour all the ships that came and went.

When the merchant ship from the Qilin Family arrived at the Moonlight Coast, there were only a few scattered merchant ships docked on the coast.

The merchants from the Qilin Family brought Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird down the ship and stepped on the lush green land.

On the Moonlight Coast, a white fence was built and the entire coast was enclosed.

Only an entrance was left in the center of the fence, but dozens of elves in silver light armor stood guard with bows in their hands.

Those who had not personally come to the Moon God Continent would never know how tight the elves defenses against humans were.

Any human who wanted to enter the Moon God Continent through the entrance had to go through a thorough inspection.

The slightest error would result in them being rejected.

Humans were wealthy and smart, but they were unwilling to give up the riches hidden away in the pockets of other races.

Shen Yanxiao stood on the sandy coast and looked at the humans walking down from the other merchant ships.

She saw how they examined themselves over and over again to see if there was anything wrong with them.

Their strict appearance reminded Shen Yanxiao of those prudent people who wanted to emigrate before she was reborn.

The only difference was, in her previous life, those people abandoned their homeland and chose to enter the land of comfort for their hearts.

However, the humans in front of her were only doing some business with the elves.

She believed that as long as it was not a human with a screw loose, no one would want to settle down in the Moon God Continent.

Not to mention the elves repulsion towards humans, just the thought of walking on this continent and being guarded against elves everywhere made her feel mentally and physically exhausted.

However, that could not stop them from making a fortune.

No one would be willing to go against money.

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