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Chapter 1138: Moon God Continent (2)

The merchants were busy passing through the checkpoints.

And no one noticed that there were two petite children among them.

“City Lord Shen, please wait for a moment.

We will be passing through the elvish checkpoint in a while.

My subordinates are all ready.” The man responsible for escorting Shen Yanxiao was an old shopkeeper from the Qilin Family.

He had always been responsible for the transactions between the Qilin Family and the Moon God Continent.

Qi Xia had instructed Shen Yanxiao and the Vermilion Bird to join the caravan, so the shopkeeper naturally did not dare to be negligent.

“Thank you.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

With Xius help, her appearance did not look any different from an ordinary human.

Vermilion Bird also had the appearance of an ordinary child.

Even the elves with strong perception would not be able to notice their abnormality.

The elves at the checkpoint were being very diligent with their inspections, but there would naturally be no problem with their cargo since the Qilin Family was the one who made the arrangements.

However, when those guards saw Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird, the twohuman children, they revealed a trace of surprise.

Elves were proud by nature, but they were not inherently bad people.

They just hated humans for their craftiness, but human children were excluded from their ire.

“The sea is not calm.

Why do you have to bring a child with you” A fair and handsome elf asked angrily.

The shopkeeper from the Qilin Family smiled and said, “There was no one to take care of them, so I brought them here with me.”

“Then pay more attention.” The elf took another look at Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird.

He did not pay much attention to Mini Dragon and Little Phoenix lying on the top of their heads.

Humans had the weakest physique among the eight races, but they knew how to sign a contract with powerful magical beasts.

With that in mind, the elves regarded these two mascots as Vermilion Bird and Shen Yanxiaos magical beasts.

While the Qilin Family was smoothly passing through the checkpoint, the humans on the other side had a conflict with the elves.

“Why wont you let us in We dont have any devious motives.

Werent we able to enter in the past” A chubby young man was really anxious as he negotiated with the elves in front of him.

The two handsome elves had a cold expression and impatience was written all over their faces.

“During this period of time, all humans who use gems as currency are not allowed to enter,” The elf said expressionlessly.

“Why!” The fat man could not accept this fact.

He had traveled across the sea before finally arriving at the Moon God Continent.

He was waiting to make a fortune, but he was suddenly informed that he could not enter the Moon God Continent.

Anyone would go crazy!

Shen Yanxiao turned around and looked at the situation with curiosity in her eyes.

Elves did not like money.

The coveted gold coins of the Brilliance Continent were as worthless as stones in the Moon God Continent.

Therefore, those who came to the Moon God Continent to do business would not directly use gold coins for their trades.

Preferably, they would use what those elves liked.

Glittering gems were once a favorite of elves.

Many merchants would use gems as currency to exchange for supplies in the Moon God Continent.

Other than gems, plant seeds and grains that were unique to the Brilliance Continent were also used as currency to trade with elves.

With the Moon God Continent being vast and abundant in resources, it was also very suitable for plants to grow.

However, the elves were arrogant by nature.

It was unrealistic to expect them to face the earth with their backs to the sky and reclaim the grasslands to farm.

Who could imagine the scene of beautiful and handsome male elves sweating profusely as they worked in the fields

That scene was absolutely devastating.

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