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She stood in front of a bookcase that was filled with books.

Those books were covered in dust as they quietly laid there and it had also been a long time since anyone had touched them.

Shen Yanxiao walked to the nearest bookshelf and took out an introductory book for warlocks.

Since she had chosen the path of a warlock, she had decided to do it more steadily and precisely.

So what if it was a profession that was already forgotten by people She would make it reappear again to regain its glory in the Brilliance Continent one day!

In the following days, Shen Yanxiao basically stayed in the dormitory and studied her herbalism books during the day and sneaked into the Warlock Division at night to secretly study the skill books.

As usual, Shen Yanxiao slipped into the Warlock Division in the dead of night.

The reason she decided to place more importance on the warlock skill books instead of archery was due to the lax management of the Warlock Division.

The old man was the only one there throughout the day, and so it was much more convenient for her and in contrary to that, the library in the Archer Division was more tightly guarded.

She had snuck in there once before, and discovered that several teachers had kept watch during the night.

So she decided to go with the one that was more convenient for her.

Shen Yanxiao snuck into the Warlock Tower and the old man who looked after the library was still there.

He still quietly sat under the lamp as he repaired the damaged books.

She went up to the second level without any hesitations.

Shen Yanxiao had been there for ten days, and with her photographic memory, she already memorized most of the contents in the books.

The problem that she had was that she did not really have much understanding about warlocks, and Xiu was the same.

And so, her progressed slowed down because she had no systematic instruction.

Shen Yanxiao took out a book about curses that she had yet to finish from the night before and took a seat at a corner that she had deemed comfortable.

Warlocks had peculiar skills, and there were many hand gestures that one would have to remember.

Furthermore, the method of attack was not only restricted to slow curses.

Many special curses could cause the opponents strength to decrease for a short period, and that was great as a secret attack.

However, the records for curses from that category were very scattered.

Shen Yanxiao had flipped through many books, and she had only managed to find a few of those.

“These curses require other curses as a foundation.

Damn it.

I have not managed to locate all of the fundamental curses yet.” Shen Yanxiao threw the book in her hand to the side before she took another book from the bookshelf in hopes to find the fundamental curses that she needed.

“The warlock is an extremely complicated profession.

Besides, as long as one knows which skills to use, a one-star warlock would be sufficient to deal with three collaborating opponents from the other professions.

Do you know why are they so powerful It is because the skills are very challenging to learn,” Xiu said to comfort Shen Yanxiao.

As a matter of fact, she had actually learned quite a few things for those few days.

For example, she realized that curses like the blood curses were as easy as lifting a finger.

However, she still had yet to master any of the skills that required a combination of curses.

“If grandfather did not want me to enroll in the Herbalist Division, I would have taken the exam for the Warlock Division.

At least I would have guidance from a teacher, and learning would be much easier too.” Shen Yanxiao was quite vexed.

Some things could be self-studied while there were some that one just could not.

It would make a huge difference in her progress if she had some guidance in her studies.

However, she was not able to find anyone that could guide her in the path of a warlock.

“If this does not work, I shall make a trip to the Archer Division to steal a few skill books tomorrow.

The skills for warlocks are too disgustingly hard.

A random combination curse requires seven to eight singular curse.

How can I possibly find all of them”

She felt distressed.

She possessed the talent to cultivate in both magic and battle aura, but her progress had slowed down because she did not have any guidance and she felt very depressed about that.

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