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Chapter 1142: City of Elves (3)

Shen Siyu had told her all this information, but she did not pay much attention to it.

All she was thinking about was how she could step into Moonshine City from a cyan-level city.

Every city would have a tryout every month.

As long as they passed the strength test, the elves could apply to enter the upper-level cities.

Shen Yanxiao found an inn in Fragrant Night City with Vermilion Bird.

The owner of this inn was a male elf with an injured left arm.

On the surface, he looked to be in his early thirties, but Shen Yanxiao knew that elves lived longer than humans.

The elf before her was probably no younger than 80 years old.

Ordinary humans could live for a hundred years, but elves could live for five hundred years.

Moreover, they aged extremely slowly.

Shen Yanxiao noticed that every elf in Fragrant Night City had a cyan badge on their chest.

This badge represented their rank and Shen Yanxiao also had one.

However, her badge was imitated by Yang Xi in advance.

On the outside, it looked no different from an elfs badge, but the essence was completely different.

If she wanted to enter a city of a certain rank, she had to be equipped with a corresponding badge before she could freely pass through the barrier outside the city.

However, the cyan-level city did not have any such barrier, so no elves would notice her even if she brought a replica.

Even though she was in a cyan-level city, Shen Yanxiao could already feel a warm current flowing into her source of life.

This was the reason why Shen Siyu wanted her to come to the Moon God Continent.

Even if she were to stand at the edge of the continent, the influence of the Tree of Life would increase the source of life of the elves.

This was the first time Shen Yanxiao experienced such a wonderful feeling.

The moment she entered the room, she could not wait to sit cross-legged and work hard to let her source of life absorb the power of the Tree of Life.

The training of elves differed from that of humans.

Humans already possessed battle aura and magic, and it could be constantly being purified.

However, the source of life of elves was desperately dependent on absorbing the power from the Tree of Life.

After leaving the boundary of the Tree of Life, the growth of their source of life would become extremely slow.

That was why it was hard to find elves in other continents.

The reason for that was because if they were to leave the Moon God Continent, it would mean that they would have to leave the Tree of Life they relied upon for survival and their strength would stagnate.

This was the first time Shen Yanxiao experienced such a feeling and her mood was rather complicated.

She tried her best to adapt to this training method as she knew that she did not have much time.

She had to lower her time in the Moon God Continent as much as possible and return to the Brilliance Continent quickly.

There were still people she cared about there.

Throughout the entire afternoon, Shen Yanxiao did not take a single step out of the room.

Vermilion Bird stayed at one side with Mini Dragon and Little Phoenix, not daring to disturb Shen Yanxiao.

In fact, the three of them were not idle either.

The Tree of Life in the Lunar Continent was not only effective for elves, but also for plants and beasts.

Even Little Phoenix that always acted cute had sensed the aura from the Tree of Life.

It trembled as it laid on Vermilion Birds head, as it obediently trained.

It was not until night fell that Shen Yanxiao ended her first training session as an elf.

She opened her eyes and looked at the pitch-black night sky outside the window as her stomach rumbled.

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