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Chapter 1144: City of Elves (5)

This heartless little thief even dared to steal the treasury under the Emperor.

What else would she not dare to steal

The Phantom members who were far away in the Brilliance Continent silently lit three incense sticks for the elves after Shen Yanxiao left for the Moon God Continent.

However, a certain heartless thief did not intend to harm the elves on the first day she entered someone elses territory.

Shen Yanxiao left the inn and tried to find a place in Fragrant Night City that could provide food.

It had to be said that there were few shops selling items in the elves territory.

Other than a few shops selling gems, medicinal ingredients, and bows, there was nothing else.

The elves were a self-sufficient race.

They would resolve many things on their own.

Furthermore, the elves in the cyan-level cities were of a low level and they practically did not have any income sources.

Every single one of them relied on their tribe to support their finances and no matter which city they were in, the tribe leaders who stood at the highest level would send someone to distribute clothing and a small amount of crystal coins for them every month.

The amount of crystal coins they received was very little, and most of it was only enough for them to maintain food supply for a month.

If they were in an upper-level city, the scene would definitely be prosperous, compared to that, a cyan-ranked city was equivalent to a slum.

Who could count on these poor elves who could barely pass their days to buy luxury goods

It would already be great if they could fill their stomachs!

Elves were very elegant, but they did not have a mind for business.

Their thoughts were very simple.

They felt that money and business were vulgar.

Therefore, they were not willing to develop their business sense.

After the humans and elves started their trade, some smart elves started to make plans to do business.

Before that happened, it was normal to not find a single shop in a city.

Shen Yanxiao wandered around for a long time before she found a shop selling fruit at the end of a street.

The one selling the fruit was a very young elf that looked about five to six years old.

The little elf opened her watery big eyes and looked at her peers coming and going in confusion.

She sat on a small wooden box with her delicate legs together and her two small hands obediently rested on her knees.

Even though she did not say anything, her large eyes were filled with desire.

It was as if she was silently begging for elves to visit her.

Shen Yanxiao covered her stomach and walked to the fruit stand.

She had to admit that the food of elves was extremely singular.

The only place in the entire city where food could be bought was filled with just fruits.

There was absolutely no rice or noodles!

The fruits in the Moon God Continent were all very exquisite and looked very delicious.

Shen Yanxiao stood in front of the fruit stand and looked at a few fruits that looked like apples but had similar shapes to oranges, wondering if she should try them.

“How much is this” Shen Yanxiao hesitated for a long time before she pointed to a strange-looking fruit and asked.

The little elfs eyes immediately sparkled.

She was so excited that she wanted to jump down from the wooden box, but her legs were too short.

In a panic, she pounced forward.

Shen Yanxiao subconsciously steadied the little elf.

The little elf panted as she looked up.

A trace of redness surfaced on her delicate face.

She looked at Shen Yanxiao in fear and opened her mouth.

“Ten… ten fruits, just one crystal coin.”

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