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Chapter 1172: Jadeite City (3)

There was a clear hierarchy in the world of elves.

It was not just about ranks or the distinction between cities.

Many phenomena in the city also followed this strict hierarchy.

In Fragrant Night City, opening a shop was considered cheap for elves.

However, shops were in abundance in Jadeite City.

Due to the many high-level elves in white-level cities, the most commonly seen shops in the city were weapon shops.

In these shops, they were mostly stocked full with many different kinds of bows and arrows, followed by some crossbows and sharp daggers.

There were even some slender swords being displayed on the walls.

Shen Yanxiao casually walked into a weapon shop and grabbed a luxurious-looking long sword.

When she held it in her hand, she felt there was almost no weight to it at all.

She held the sword and frowned.

The long sword forged by elves was very thin.

Even though it was sharp, it was extremely brittle.

It was not like soft swords forged by humans that had toughness in mind.

Looking at these long swords, every scabbard and hilt was embedded with large quantities of gems as ornaments.

Shen Yanxiao immediately understood the uses of these swords.

For elves, swords were not tools for battle, but ornaments.

Shen Yanxiao casually glanced at the price of the sword and was instantly rendered speechless.

A useless sword that could only be used as an ornament was even more expensive than the exquisite bows in the shop…

Would any elf buy it

“Why is this sword so expensive” As a curious child, Shen Yanxiao questioned the employee of the shop.

The employee looked at Shen Yanxiao with an odd expression.

“There are so many gems on it, so its naturally expensive.” After he said that, he no longer bothered with Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao suddenly remembered what she heard at the Moonlight Coast.

Due to that flirtatious uncle of hers, it seemed like the Moon God Continent no longer traded gems with humans.

The gems produced in the Moon God Continent were very rare.

In the past, when humans were still trading with them, the prices would naturally be more stable.

However, right now, the elves had cut off their collaboration with humans, meaning that the price of gems in the Moon God Continent would increase to a terrifying extent.

An idea suddenly popped up in Shen Yanxiaos mind and she immediately left the weapon shop.

Her capital in the Moon God Continent was limited, and although she didnt plan on making a fortune here, with such a good opportunity was right in front of her, she would be a fool if she were to let it go.

Shen Yanxiao took out her interspatial ring and as she looked at the contents inside, a smile curled on her lips.

In her interspatial ring, there was a large number of gems that she had looted from various wealthy people.

Previously in the Forsaken Land, she had not found a good way to sell them, so she had kept them in her interspatial ring.

But now!

The situation had changed!

The Moon God Continent lacked jewels, but she had a huge pile.

What did that mean

It meant countless crystal coins!

Even though Shen Yanxiao did not intend to become a millionaire, if she could sell these precious gems to the elves in exchange for crystal coins, she would be able to purchase a large batch of materials from the Moon God Continent and send them back to the Brilliance Continent for Yang Xi to forge weapons for the people of Sun Never Sets!

It had to be known that there were many magical trees in the Moon God Continent, and the wood from these magical trees were the best choice of wood to make staffs and bows.

Thinking back, in the weapon shop in Black City, a bow made of Mercury Wood from the Moon God Continent was already worth millions of gold coins.

If Shen Yanxiao could get such a large batch…

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