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Chapter 1173: Moonshine Trading House (1)

It was not easy to open a shop in the Moon God Continent, so Shen Yanxiao was unlikely to do it herself.

The preparatory work was too cumbersome, and renting a shop and hiring elves as workers required a lot of crystal coins.

After deducting the money she gave to Yue Xi and Vermilion Bird, she did not have many crystal coins left.

At most, she could sustain herself for a few days, but she could forget about the rest.

Other than opening their own shops, the Moon God Continent also had other methods of trading.

There was something similar to an auction house in the Brilliance Continent, but instead of using it to hold auctions, sales were constantly being conducted in them.

Rather than calling them auction houses, it was more appropriate to call them trading houses.

Elves, who had something to sell, could store their items in the trading house, and the employees of the trading house would be responsible for the sales.

Once a transaction was done, the trading house would draw a portion of the profits.

Ordinary elves could not open such a trading house because it required too many manual labor and shops.

Normally, only tribes could build a real trading house.

The trading houses in Jadeite City were all on South Street and it was filled with shops.

The badges of various tribes were hung on the doors of every trading house.

Shen Yanxiao looked around the trading houses.

There were many items for sale, and the price of some of the items made her envious.

Many bows that were worth thousands of gold coins in the Brilliance Continent only cost hundreds or even dozens of crystal coins in the trading houses of the Moon God Continent.

The difference in price was enough to make any merchant drool all over.

Due to the fact that the Moon God Continent had an abundance of high-quality trees, the number of forgers who produced bows here were countless.

As a result, the price of bows here was so low that it made people speechless.

Other than bows and arrows, there was another item that Shen Yanxiao coveted.


Elves were the most talented race in terms of herbalism.

There was no elf who did not know how to concoct potions.

Furthermore, there were all sorts of medicinal ingredients everywhere in the Moon God Continent, meaning the cost of making such potions was low to the point it seemed like trash on the sidewalk.

A potion that was worth hundreds of gold coins in the Brilliance Continent only cost dozens of crystal coins in the Moon God Continent.

A bottle of Great Herbalist potion worth tens of thousands of gold coins only cost a few hundred crystal coins in the Moon God Continent.

As a result, when Shen Yanxiao, an Advanced Herbalist, saw those cheap potions that made her want to vomit blood, she nearly pounced over and bought them all.

Not to buy anything else, just by bringing these potions back to the Brilliance Continent for a resale, they could easily earn dozens of times of profits.

This was simply too profitable!

If Shen Yanxiao were not cash-strapped, she would have bought all the bows and potions immediately.

Once those items were transported to the Brilliance Continent, it would be a mountain of gold!

Shen Yanxiao finally understood why so many merchants were willing to take the risk and travel across the ocean to do business in the Moon God Continent.

This place was basically filled with endless gold.

A finished bow and potion was already so cheap, what about the raw materials

Shen Yanxiaos heart was burning with greed.

When humans transacted with elves, there were many huge restrictions placed on them so the number of items they could purchase was limited.

Furthermore, finished potions and bows would never be sold to humans.

In the minds of the elves, what they produced was not something humans were qualified to possess.

Humans could only purchase some raw materials in the Moon God Continent.

Compared to purchasing the finished product, the profit of selling raw material was slightly smaller, but there was still a tenfold difference if there were to buy it in the Brilliance Continent.

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