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Chapter 1182: Doubts (2)

“Intermediate training camp Absolutely not! You dont know the extent of her talents.

Sending her to the intermediate training camp, even if its only for a month, would severely slow down her growth.

We dont have much time left, and we have to select a group of capable guards to enter Moonshine City in half a years time.

Do you know how much her growth would be stunted if you were to send her to the intermediate training camp” Mo Yu scratched his head in a frenzy.

If not for the fact that time was tight, he would not have gone to such extreme lengths.

He knew how unimaginable it was to send a cyan elf to the advanced training camp, but…

They did not have much time left!

“So you also know the importance of this matter.

If so, how can you joke around like this This matter concerns the safety of the elves and we cannot allow you to mess around.” The usually gentle Mo Mu was also confused by Mo Yus strange behavior.

“Ah!!!” Mo Yu immediately stood up and glared at his four friends.

“You dont understand.

Thats why you think my decision is crazy.

But do you know That little girl absorbed 100% of the Tree of Lifes power! 100%! Do you understand Give her the best resources and she can grow faster than all the elves!”

“100%” Mo Yus words successfully caused the other four elves to reveal a trace of surprise.

With them being the top echelons of the Elf world, they naturally knew that the absorption efficiency would severely affect the growth of an elf.

As far as most elves were concerned, at most they could only absorb 80 to 85% of the Tree of Lifes power.

Other than the Elf King, it was impossible to find a second elf in the entire Moon God Continent that could absorb so much of the Tree of Lifes power.

Moreover, even the Elf Kings absorption efficiency of the Tree of Lifes power was only close to 100%.

In fact, it was only about 99%.

“Are you serious” Mo Feng looked at Mo Yu in doubt.

If they did not know that Mo Yu did not dare to joke about this, they would have thought that he was just teasing them.

“Of course! If its not true, why would I want to send her to the advanced training camp Im not a lunatic!” Mo Yu was furious.

The other four elves looked at each other as if they were trying to determine the credibility of Mo Yus words.

“How did you know that her absorption efficiency is at 100%” This matter was too shocking so Mo Mu had no choice but to ask for the details.

Mo Yu took a deep breath and said, “I saw it with my own eyes.

At the test area in Fragrant Night City, I originally did not intend to bring a minor into the training camp.

Even if it was the primary training camp, I never thought of letting her in.

However, that little girl was very stubborn.

So in order to have her give up, I asked her to test her rank at the test area.

However, do you know what I saw at the test area”

“What did you see”

Mo Yu narrowed his eyes.

Everything that happened that day was clearly replayed in his mind.

He narrowed his eyes and looked at his four comrades as he spoke in a clear voice.

“I saw that after she placed her hand into the test liquid, it changed colors three times in less than a minute! Three colors! Can you imagine it Theres actually an elfs source of life that is so unstable, to be able to break through layer after layer in such a short period of time.

Just as she broke through to the red grade, all the test liquid evaporated in an instant!”

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