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Chapter 1189: Crowded Out (1)

The advanced training camp was located at the corner between two black-level cities.

Just its size took up a wide stretch of land.

There were two entrances, and each entrance was guarded by dozens of guards.

Discipline was the common sight here.

Every month, a group of black elves would enter the advanced training camp.

Today was exactly the day the new batch of elves would enter.

Early in the morning, twenty elves stood outside the advanced training camp.

They were all members of the advanced training camp.

Each and every one of them had a black badge on their chest and there were also badges of their respective tribes pinned on them.

The twenty elves gathered together and waited for the moment to enter the advanced training camp.

However, there was an elf who was ostracized by them.

He was an elf with a cold expression and similarly wore a black badge on his chest.

However, there was a silver moon badge pinned on the side of the black badge.

When the surrounding elves saw that silver moon badge, they revealed a trace of disdain.

“Arent the elves of the Moonshine Tribe chased out of Wind City How could their members enter the advanced training camp” One of the black elves looked at the isolated elf in disgust.

The disdain on his face was unconcealed, as if that elf standing there quietly was an eyesore.

“Im curious too.

Didnt the Elf King say that all the elves of the Moonshine Tribe are not allowed to enter black-level cities So why would this guy come here” Another elf frowned.

“Precisely because they were chased out, they wanted to find other methods to enter the upper echelons.

Even though the Elf King did not allow them to enter the black-level cities, it did not restrict the elves of the Moonshine Tribe from participating in the training camps.” The elf speculated the reason for the Moonshine Elfs presence.

The Moonshine Tribe was originally one of the highest-ranked tribes among the elves.

Before they were demoted, their members could be seen everywhere.

However, after their entire race was demoted, all the black elves of the Moonshine Tribe were deprived of their right to live in black-level cities.

Their black badges had also been confiscated, with only some white badges given to them.

“Youre shameless.

The Elf King has already abandoned you, but youre still thinking of ways to squeeze into black-level cities.”

“Dont humans have a saying that goes,one must always strive for the best When the Moonshine Tribe was demoted, it was inevitable that some elves would feel unresigned and want to use the training camp to ascend into the heavens in one step.”

“Ha… dont tell me he wants to enter the Silvermoon Guards”

“Do you think he deserves it Even if he is a black elf, he can only enjoy the treatment of a white elf after his tribe was demoted.

After he leaves the advanced training camp, a portion of his marks will be deducted according to the demotion.

What kind of dreamworld is he living in to wish to enter the Silvermoon Guards”

The group of elves looked at the elf who overestimated his abilities with a sneer.

There was no pity, no sympathy, only disgust and contempt.

A petite figure quietly stood among the elves, and her calm gaze looked past the figure in front of her to the isolated elf.

The voices of those elves were not soft, and that elf was not far from them.

Those mocking words must have fallen into that elfs ears.

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