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Chapter 1194: Pure Spirit Tower (1)

In fact, no matter which training camp they were in, the focus of their training was to nurture their source of life.

Rather than saying that it was a training camp, it would be better to say that it was an opportunity for the elves to train their source of life.

In the training camp, they would come into contact with the power of the Tree of Life that the previous cities do not have access to.

If they could achieve a breakthrough within half a year, they would be assigned to various cities in the Moon God Continent according to their own strength.

The guards would not be taught what they needed to know in the training camp because the requirements for the guards of different levels were not entirely the same.

Therefore, they would be taught separately after the allocation.

And this half a year was an opportunity for elves to improve and improve.

To stimulate the elves potential in the shortest time possible.

After Shen Yanxiao understood the nature of the training camp, she increasingly felt that the training camp was somewhat similar to the academies in the human world.

Staying inside would mean learning.

The difference was that the training camp would only last for half a year.

After half a year, whether it was a blessing or a curse would be determined.

On the first day of the training camp, Qie Er had arranged for his group of elves to stand on the training ground.

In the huge training ground, there were no other elves.

There was only Shen Yanxiao and the other participants.

Shen Yanxiao and An Ran stood at the end of the gathering while the elf standing by their side tried his best to pull apart the distance between them.

It was obvious that the elf disliked them.

“Do you know why there are no other elves here” Qie Er had his hands behind his back as he looked at the elves under him with a taut expression.

All the elves shook their heads.

Qie Er said, “Because your real training is not conducted here.

This is only a place for you to practice your archery and physical fitness.

The real training area for you is over there!” Qie Er pointed to the north of the training camp.

There was a seven-storied pagoda there, with green vegetation winding around the simple and unadorned pagoda.

“That is called the Pure Spirit Tower, and it is divided into seven floors.

Starting from the first floor, you will sense the power of the Tree of Life that is denser than any other place.

The first floor is the area with the weakest power and you can only enter the second floor once you can withstand the power there.

The higher you go, the stronger the power of the Tree of Life,” Qie Er explained.

Other than anticipation, the elves were also feeling confused.

Everyone knew that the closer they were to the Tree of Life, the stronger the power they could sense.

This was the greatest gift for the elves.

However, the seventh floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was the place with the densest power, so why did they have to start from the first floor

They clearly had a better option, so why didnt they directly send them to the seventh floor

The elves could not figure out the reason for this arrangement.

However, Shen Yanxiao noticed the main point in Qie Ers words.

He said that they could only enter the second floor once they could withstand the power of the first floor.

Evidently, the arrangement in the training camp was not unreasonable.

How strong was the power in the Pure Spirit Tower that the elves of the training camp were worried that they would not be able to withstand it

Shen Yanxiao was now very curious about the Pure Spirit Tower.

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