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Chapter 1195: Pure Spirit Tower (2)

Shen Yanxiaos thoughtful expression attracted Qie Ers attention.

While all the elves were confused, Shen Yanxiaos expression was exceptionally eye-catching.

Qie Er narrowed his eyes and sized up this exceptionally petite little girl silently.

When he took over the group of elves, Qie Er was informed that there were two special existences in his group.

One was An Ran from the Moonshine Tribe.

The Moonshine Tribe had once enjoyed a glorious era, but they had become the first supreme tribe to be demoted by the Elf King in a thousand years.

An Rans strength was pretty good, but due to the matter with the Moonshine Tribe, the judgment of his strength would also be affected by the demotion and punishment of the tribe.

Other elves had ten points, but for An Ran, it was only seven points.

The other odd existence was this little elf named Yan Xiao.

There was no tribe or background behind her.

The elf that was personally elected by the five leaders of the Silvermoon Guards seemed exceptionally out of place among the black elves.

Not only because of her identity, but also because of her age.

Be it the primary training camp, intermediate training camp or advanced training camp, they had basically never recruited any underage elves, so Shen Yanxiao could be said to be the first.

Qie Er could not understand what was so special about this little elf named Yan Xiao that she could get five team leaders to recommend her to the advanced training camp at all costs.

Regardless of the reason, Shen Yanxiaos arrival was a headache for Qie Er.

That was because once they entered the advanced training camp, they would immediately enter the Pure Spirit Tower to train.

However, the energy in the Pure Spirit Tower was so dense that ordinary elves could not withstand it.

Even the black elves could barely withstand it, let alone a young elf.

Qie Er was afraid that something would happen to Shen Yanxiao in his hands.

And if that were to happen, he did not know how he would be able to answer Mo Yu and the rest.

However, Qie Er was satisfied with Shen Yanxiaos reaction.

Even though she was young, she was good at using her brain and would not be blindly confused.

She knew how to think.

That was a good sign.

“Follow me right now.

I will bring you to the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

After you enter, you will know how ridiculous your doubts are,” Qie Er restrained his thoughts and said in a serious tone.


Under Qie Ers lead, the elves arrived at the Pure Spirit Tower.

Only by standing in front of it could they truly understand its magnificence.

From afar, it didnt look extremely tall.

However, when they stood before it and looked up at the tower, they could understand that its height far exceeded their expectations.

From the outside, it could be seen that every floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was more than two times higher than the normal floors they had normally seen.

The green plants that meandered on the walls concealed the Pure Spirit Towers true appearance, leaving only a huge wooden door visible.

At the entrance of the Pure Spirit Tower, two huge Flaming Giant Apes stood on both sides.

The Flaming Giant Apes were beasts of the Moon God Continent.

They were different from magical beasts that could transform after they evolved to the level of a mythical beast.

No matter what, the Flaming Giant Apes could only transform into their beast form.

However, they could speak the human language and their IQ was similar to humans.

Rumor has it, elves liked to have Flaming Giant Apes guard important places.

Qie Er nodded to the two Flaming Giant Apes.

With the nod, they immediately turned around and opened the heavy door.

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