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Chapter 1198: Change (2)

The elves fell one after another, and the entire room was soon in chaos.

Wailing sounds could be heard one after another.

The sounds were mournful.

Shen Yanxiao, who was seated in the corner, suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the elves that had fallen to the ground in surprise.

An Ran opened his eyes and what he saw shocked him.

“What… whats going on” An Ran looked at those elves who were convulsing in shock and looked at Shen Yanxiao in panic.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

She did not know the reason.

The Pure Spirit Tower was filled with wails and chaos.

However, Qie Er who stood at the entrance was expressionless, as if everything was not an accident.

Qie Er coldly kept the sheepskin book and quill pen before he turned around and knocked on the closed door.

The next second, the door of the Pure Spirit Tower was opened.

The two Flaming Giant Apes who were waiting outside the door bent down and slowly moved into the room.

With a stretch of their arms, the Flaming Giant Apes pulled those elves on the ground into their huge palms.

Their actions were not gentle in the slightest.

The tall and slender elves did not have any sense of presence when compared to the huge Flaming Giant Apes.

Soon, the twenty-something elves were carried on their shoulders by the two Flaming Giant Apes.

When the two Flaming Giant Apes were prepared to pick up the last two elves, they hesitated.

Shen Yanxiao raised her head and calmly looked at the huge beast that was piled up like a small mountain in front of her.

An Ran who sat by her side tightly clenched his fist as he stared at the elves that were thrown over the Flaming Giant Apes shoulders.

The Flaming Giant Apes were extremely huge.

The two Flaming Giant Apes were basically a wall of flesh as they stood in front of them.

Black shadows shrouded their bodies and the pressure that assaulted their faces was enough to suffocate them.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the Flaming Giant Apes with a calm expression.

She merely shot a glance at those elves who were convulsing on the Flaming Giant Apes and were in a semi-conscious state.

The Flaming Giant Apes looked at the two elves who were as good as new in confusion.

Their mission was to bring out all the injured elves, but the two in front of them…

Nothing seemed to have happened to them.

Is this normal

Are they bringing them out or not

“Yan Xiao, An Ran, come out with me.” Qie Ers voice sounded in time and resolved the problem for the Flaming Giant Apes.

“Roar!” The Flaming Giant Apes understood Qie Ers words and turned to run out.

Its huge body caused the entire ground to tremble.

Shen Yanxiao stood up and An Ran immediately asked, “Whats wrong with them”

Shen Yanxiao said, “Im not sure.

Qie Er will probably explain everything later.

By the way, did you feel any discomfort when you absorbed the energy in the Pure Spirit Tower”

An Ran thought for a moment and said.

“Theres one thing of note.

The energy here is very strong.

I slowed down the absorption speed as you mentioned.

At first, the effect was good.

But later on, my source of life seemed to have been affected by some detrimental effects.

Fortunately, theres no big problem.”

For some reason, as An Ran looked at those elves, he could not help but have a thought.

In the entire Pure Spirit Tower, he and Yan Xiao were the only ones without any accidents, and it was very likely due to what Yan Xiao had said to him.

She had asked him to slow down his absorption speed so she also must have done the same.

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