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Chapter 1206: Absorption (6)

There was no response from the elves.

They merely looked on with indifference.

An Ran tightly clenched his fists and coldly looked at those indifferent faces.

He took a deep breath and turned around to rush into the Pure Spirit Tower.

A skinny elf suddenly said, “Its useless even if you go.

The power of the Pure Spirit Tower is not something you can contend against.

Qie Er is already inside and if he cannot resolve Yan Xiaos problem, you will only become a burden.”

An Rans figure paused for a moment before he dashed into the vortex.

The group of elves standing outside remained silent as they looked at the chaos in the Pure Spirit Tower.

Qie Er tried his best to approach Shen Yanxiao, but the closer he got, the more obvious the flow of air around him was.

He wanted to drag Shen Yanxiao out of the Pure Spirit Tower, but he was blocked by the airflow around her.

They were just a few meters away, but there was nothing he could do.

This was the first time Qie Er encountered such a thorny problem.

However, as time passed, the speed of the whirlpool became faster and faster and Qie Ers expression became increasingly ugly.

“Qie Er, how is Yan Xiao” An Ran sealed his absorption ability and rushed to Qie Ers side.

Qie Er looked at An Ran in surprise.

“Why are you here”

An Ran said, “She is my friend and I cannot leave her alone.”

A trace of surprise flashed past Qie Ers eyes and the chilliness gathered in his eyes seemed to have lessened.

Soon after, he grabbed An Ran and walked out.

“You…” An Ran did not understand why Qie Er would do that.

They had yet to help Shen Yanxiao escape from her current situation, so why did he leave

As Qie Er walked out, he frowned and said.

“The power of the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower has been completely mobilized by Yan Xiao.

Right now, I am unable to approach her in the slightest.

If we continue to stay here, not only will it not bring us any benefits, but it might also disrupt the flow of life force.

If you really want to be good to Yan Xiao, follow me out,” Qie Er said as he dragged An Ran out.

In fact, after he tried to approach Shen Yanxiao several times but failed, he vaguely sensed that she seemed to have integrated into the flow of life force.

With the strength of life force, the center of this stream was not something they could approach.

“But, Yan Xiao, she…” An Ran wanted to struggle, but he could not withstand Qie Ers strength and was thrown out of the Pure Spirit Tower.

Qie Er immediately flashed out and gave the two Flaming Giant Apes behind him a look.

The Flaming Giant Apes immediately closed the door of the Pure Spirit Tower.

The moment An Ran who was thrown out saw the door closing, he immediately understood that something was wrong!

“Why did you close the door Wont we not disturb her as long as we dont go in Why did you close the door!” An Ran appeared anxious.

Qie Er frowned and looked at the other elves who had curious expressions on their faces.

He sternly said, “From now on, you are not allowed to enter the Pure Spirit Tower.

There might be an explosion at any time soon.”

“What!” An Ran widened his eyes and looked at Qie Er.

“You said it would explode Then Yan Xiao… you… you clearly knew that it would explode, yet you still left her there!” An Ran felt that he had never been so furious before.

He looked at Qie Er and did not understand when deception and indifference started to appear among his kind.

All these negative emotions made him unable to believe that the figures before him were really elves.

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