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For one to reach the rank of a Great Archmagus, one would have to advance by thirty levels, at the very least.

At that time, Ouyang Huanyu was already a three-star Great Archmagus, and if they needed five stars to advance one rank, then he was at the thirty-third level.

If one disregarded Ouyang Huanyus age, and if one could only advance one star in four or five years, then one would need more than a hundred years to advance thirty-three levels! That did not even include situations where advancements came with increased difficulties.

Within the entire Longxuan Empire, only Ouyang Huanyu could advance his rank to a Great Archmagus.

“He is indeed… very powerful.” Shen Yanxiao lightly touched her nose.

Shen Yifengs rank as a three-star swordsman was on the same level as a three-star junior magus.

With his achievements, the Vermilion Bird Family had already hailed him as a prodigy.

Even if Shen Yifeng reached Ouyang Huanyus age, he would never achieve the same levels of his accomplishment.

If Shen Yifeng was a prodigy, then Ouyang Huanyus existence was to be a setback to all the other prodigies!

Ouyang Huanyu had made a personal appearance at that years class allocation test.

“Children, you are going to face the most crucial event of this year.

This time, the class allocation test will be conducted with students from all of the divisions.

You will be working as a team of five, and you are free to form your own teams.

You are to enter the Obscure Forest when you have your team members.

Once you are in the forest, all of you are competitors, not just students to assist one another.

Every member of the team will have one special badge, and the objective of this test is to get as many badges as possible from the other teams.”

“This test will last for seven days, and during these seven days, you will have to protect your badge while attempt to snatch as many as possible from the other students.

The badges are the chips to your grading marks.

The class that you will be allocated to also depends on the number of badges that you managed to get for the test.

If everyone in a team has had their badges snatched, or if the number of students eligible for the violet class exceeds the limit, then we will calculate your marks based on the duration you had managed to protect your badge for.”

Ouyang Huanyus explanation immediately caused an uproar among the students.

The divisions in the Saint Laurent Academy had always operated independently.

Why would the academy want them to form teams to fight against other teams

The students from the Magus, Swordsman, Archer, and Knight Division smiled.

Their professions depended on powerful fighting strengths, and therefore, it would be easy to form their groups.

In contrast, the students from the Priest and Herbalism Division felt as if they would weep.

Did the academy play a joke on them They were auxiliary professions.

Were they supposed to use their medical skills and potions to smash on the other students heads

“Since it is a test for all six divisions, then there must be a special rule.” Ouyang Huanyu smiled when he saw the state the students were in.

“Your team must have at least one student from the Priest Division and the Herbalist Division.

Furthermore, there can only be a maximum of two students of the same profession.”

Ouyang Huanyus words instantly caused another wave of commotion.

The additional rule was, undoubtedly, to include a priest and an herbalist into the teams.

At the same time, it was to prevent situations where there were too many students with the same professions in a single group.

Everyone was struck dumb for a few short moments.

They rarely connected with students from the other divisions.

So how were they supposed to find their group members

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