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The students from the Priest and Herbalism Divisions relaxed when they realized that they would not be massacred one-sidedly in the test.

“This rule is fascinating.

The objective of this test is not to test the students strength.

Instead, it is to test their ability to fight and collaborate.” Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows.

At that moment, each division of the Saint Laurent Academy operated independently, and they were not familiar with each other.

After they graduated, the people that they would encounter would, no doubt, come from different professions as well.

I believe Ouyang Huanyu wanted the students to have a better understanding of professions other than their own.

Tang Nazhi laughed, and his laughter was incomparably evil.

“Shen Jue, we will definitely get into the violet class this time!” Tang Nazhi confidence rocketed.

“Why” Shen Yanxiao shot a glance at the confident Tang Nazhi as she honestly had no idea where his confidence stemmed from.

“Stupid! It is five people in a team.

How many of us are there in Phantom” Tang Nazhi laughed again.

Shen Yanxiao immediately understood Tang Nazhis thoughts.

Other than the two of them, there was also Qi Xia, Yan Yu and Yang Xi in Phantom.

Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao were herbalists while Yan Yu was a priest.

Coincidentally, their team conformed to the rules and regulations of the test.

Plus, the most crucial point of all!

Except for Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao, the other three bastards were the most powerful members in their divisions!

How overpowered would the team be, that was formed with three top students in their divisions They would be able to wipe their competitors instantly!

Shen Yanxiaos eyes immediately brightened!

She wondered if that pleasurable feeling that she felt was the rumored excitement as one rode on anothers coattails.

Tang Nazhi did not want to waste any time.

He immediately dragged Shen Yanxiao to fish out Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi from the crowd after Ouyang Huanyu finished with his speech.

None of them had any problems with the decision to form a team between the five of them.

A powerful team had been formed just like that and the rest of the students watched the scene with tears in their eyes.

Why were they so shameless Any single one of them would be enough to defeat the other teams in an instant, and yet they still decided to form a group together.

It was as if they wanted to cut off the other teams chances of survival.

How were they to continue with the test

The other students wished that they could pounce and attack those shameless super scholars.

However, they also feared their collective strengths.

So, they could only grumble and squat at a corner, as if to wait for the mushrooms to grow on them.

However, it also seemed that Shen Yanxiaos team was not the only shameless group there.

Cao Xu, Meng Yiheng, Qian Shanni, and Shangguan Xiao seemed to have also reached an understanding between them.

They even managed to pull a top student from the Magus Division to form another matchless powerful team.

In only a short period, six top rankers from six divisions had already been taken.

That caused the other students to take actions immediately.

Regardless of familiarity, they quickly pulled other students into their team, as long as they were experts of the same level.

Students from the Priest and Herbalist Division were the most pitiful.

Since they could not inflict any damage during a fight, the other students would have happily left them aside.

That was if there was no requirement to include them in their teams.

It was also because of that rule that other dominant teams immediately snatched the students from the Priest and Herbalist Divisions.

That left some freshmen and seniors with less spectacular grades, and they gravitated to one another to form groups of ordinary talents.

Before noon, all of the students in the public square had gathered their teammates.

The students were previously separated by their divisions, but at that moment, they were divided by teams.

The most eye-catching groups there were Shen Yanxiaos and Meng Yihengs teams.


They would not even be able to smile soon after that.

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