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Chapter 1224: Betrayal of the Past (4)

“Take care, I wont send you off.” Shen Yanxiao waved her hand very cooperatively.

She had an expression of “You can go away, the farther the better”, which made peoples teeth itch.

Shui Ling was simply speechless.

He had never encountered such a shameless elf before.

Not to mention that Shui Ling was almost thrown into a rage by Shen Yanxiao, even the surrounding elves looked like they had seen a ghost.


Why did the Moonlight Tribe elves want to be brothers with traitors

This girl didnt listen to his advice at all.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao could already tell what were on these elves minds.

They only saw her as a member of the Moonlight Tribe, which was why they suddenly changed their attitude.

If she was still the same as when she had just entered the training camp, she feared that these elves would not hesitate to step on her and categorize her as a dangerous creature like An Ran.

For her own good

It was all a joke.

They just wanted to befriend the Moonlight Tribe.

Although Shen Yanxiao still did not know why the Moonlight Tribe was so popular, she saw the forced friendliness of these elves.

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao and An Ran stood on one side, standing on the opposing side of Shui Ling and the elves behind him.

The gazes between them were not very friendly.

Just as the atmosphere became more and more tense, Qie Er suddenly walked over.

“What are you all doing here Since you all still have the mood to chat here, it seems that the past few days have been too easy on you.” Qie Er walked over with a taut face, and his eyes swept across all the elves.

Under Qie Ers gaze, Shui Ling immediately became well-behaved and obediently retreated into the group of elves.

Qie Er then looked at Shen Yanxiao and An Ran.

When he saw Shen Yanxiao holding An Rans hand, his eyes flashed with a strange light.

“Yan Xiao, your time in the Pure Spirit Tower has reached the requirement.

According to the rules, you can directly enter the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

If you can stay on the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower for more than seven days, you can continue to go up.” Qie Er said to Shen Yanxiao with a passive expression.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

This news was not bad.

Staying on the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower for ten days had allowed her to unlock the second layer of her seal.

She wondered what the effect would bring once she changed to the second layer.

Qie Ers words caused a slight change in the eyes of the elves on the side.

They did not like this elf who wanted to be close to the traitor.

“Alright, dont just stand there.

Hurry up and cultivate.

Yan Xiao is still young, yet she can enter the second floor in such a short time.

On the other hand, you bunch of trash cant even stay on the first floor for a single day,” Qie Er said.

Qie Ers scolding made all the elves lower their heads.

They were secretly angry.

“An Ran,” Qie Er suddenly said.

“Yes!” An Ran immediately replied.

“You are close to Yan Xiao, and in this batch, you are the one who can stay in the Pure Spirit Tower for the longest apart from Yan Xiao.

You have to work hard.

I hope you can be the second elf to enter the second floor.” Qie Ers face suddenly raised a smile.

An Ran looked at Qie Er with slight shock.

He did not expect Qie Er to encourage him like this.

“I will work hard.”

Qie Er nodded with satisfaction.

Shen Yanxiao always felt that Qie Ers words were a little strange, and for a time, she did not understand his intentions.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not notice that after Qie Er finished his words, the elves standing on the opposite side were all staring at An Ran with malicious eyes.

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