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Chapter 1226: Archery (1)

“What are you looking at She has already entered the second floor.

Shes different from you.” Shui Ling walked behind An Ran with ill intentions and sneered.

An Ran slightly frowned but did not say anything.

He just wanted to find a suitable place to cultivate.

But no matter where he went, he would be ostracized by those elves.

Whether it was in the center or the corner, An Ran seemed to have no place to stand.

Seeing more than 20 elves sitting scattered in the Pure Spirit Tower, An Ran found it difficult to move.

He wanted to find a stable place to cultivate, but before he could sit down, he was scolded by the elves on the side.

“Traitor of the Moonshine Tribe, dont get so close to me.

How disgusting.”

An Rans face turned pale as he quietly walked to the edge and sat down against the wall.

On the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, Shen Yanxiao felt a powerful force coming from all directions, and her source of life was growing crazily.

Just on the second floor, the growth speed of her source of life far exceeded that when she was on the first floor.

Shen Yanxiao could not wait to enter the other floors to experience the feeling of ascension.

For the next few days, Shen Yanxiao cultivated in the Pure Spirit Tower while absorbing dark elements for Xiu.

Five days later, the cultivation schedule of the Pure Spirit Tower was set to be every afternoon.

In the morning, the elves had to go to the training ground to learn archery skills.

These days, Shen Yanxiao always felt that there was something wrong with An Ran.

His face was getting uglier by the day, but no matter how much she asked, An Ran only said that he was fine.

She could only stop asking.

The elves were natural archers, and their accuracy was something that human beings could not hope to achieve.

Shen Yanxiao deeply understood this point.

After the awakening of her elf blood, although her Warlock strength had been greatly reduced, her archery skills had improved significantly.

On the first day of shooting practice, every elf on the training ground strapped their bows and waited for the practice to begin.

The bows and arrows in the Moon God Continent were not comparable to those in the Brilliance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao roughly looked at them.

The bows and arrows in the hands of every elf here were not any worse than the ones found in black-level cities that were worth millions of gold coins, or even higher.

Every bow was embedded with many gems as embellishments.

It was obvious that these elves favored gems.

There were no gems on Shen Yanxiaos Purple Baron, only crystal cores.

However, before she came to the Moon God Continent, Yang Xi had already modified the appearance of these crystal cores.

They looked somewhat similar to gemstones so it would not attract the attention of the elves.

The bow in An Rans hand was much simpler among all the bows here.

It was a red longbow, with only two thumb-sized golden gems embedded in it.

Qie Er was responsible for teaching them archery, and the way he taught them was to actually just let them practice on their own.

After setting the training program, Qie Er retreated to the side.

Shen Yanxiao carefully observed the way the elves shot, and she found that their talent in aiming was really surprising.

Piercing through a hundred steps and hitting a hundred targets was childs play for elves.

Even for Shen Yanxiaos self-created explosive arrows, she actually saw some elves performing similar moves.

Shen Yanxiao was not busy with training, but instead focused more on learning the archery skills of the elves.

When she was a human, Shen Yanxiao used the battle aura in her body, but now that she was an elf, she had to learn to use the source of life in her body to power the arrow.

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