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Chapter 1229: Deliberately Making Things Difficult (2)

At first, he did not care, but as Shen Yanxiao ascended to the second floor, An Ran immediately became the one among them who could stay in the Pure Spirit Tower the longest.

Shui Ling immediately noticed the strangeness of this situation.

For the past few days, these elves had been snatching An Rans cultivation position, but the effect was far less than An Rans.

This made Shui Ling certain that Shen Yanxiao must have told An Ran the secret of cultivation.

Otherwise, how could An Ran stay in the Pure Spirit Tower for so long

Moreover, Shen Yanxiaos relationship with An Ran had always been good.

She would definitely inevitably tell him some unknown things.

The progress of the other elves was slow, but An Ran improved at lightning speed, which made all the elves very unwilling.

Why should a traitor cultivate faster than them

An Ran frowned and looked at the unfriendly Shui Ling.

“Secret Yan Xiao only told me to slow down my cultivation speed and absorb it bit by bit,” An Ran did not hide what Shen Yanxiao had told him and said very honestly.

Shui Ling sneered, looked at An Ran, and said, “Do you think Im an idiot Continue to absorb the energy bit by bit Do you think we dont know such a simple principle An Ran, youre really too dishonest.

Its fine if you dont want to say it, but you shouldnt treat us like fools.”

They had discovered the method An Ran mentioned a few days ago.

The effect was a little bit, but it was not obvious.

If An Ran had improved according to this method, then he definitely would not have improved so quickly.

“Im not lying to you.

Im telling the truth.” An Ran helplessly looked at Shui Ling.

Shui Ling held a great hostility towards him, which was probably related to the Qingyuan Tribe where Shui Ling was.

The Qingyuan Tribe and the Moonshine Tribe were both the highest-ranking tribe in the Wind City, a black-level city.

The strength of the two tribes were equally matched.

It was not until the Moonshine Tribe produced a Saintess that the Qingyuan Tribe was suppressed by the Moonshine Tribe.

The elves of the Wind City knew that the Qingyuan Tribe and the Moonshine Tribe were at odds.

When the Moonshine Tribe was still at its peak, the Qingyuan Tribe could only conceal their strength and bide their time to avoid the sharp edge.

But after the Moonshine Tribe was demoted, the Qingyuan Tribe began to suppress the Moonshine Tribe elves.

This was also why Shui Ling always targeted An Ran.

“The truth Do you think I will believe it An Ran, the elves of your Moonshine Tribe are so shameless that it makes people blush with shame.

In the past, for the sake of glory, you actually used a mixed-race to pretend to be the Holy Maiden and obtain the favor of the Elf King.

And now, for the sake of your own advancement, you have hugged Yan Xiaos thigh.

How about the elves of the hero tribe You, who only know how to pay lip service, are really shameless.” Shui Ling narrowed his eyes and looked fiercely at An Ran.

He was angry at the Moonshine Tribe and was even more angry at An Ran.

Why would Shen Yanxiao treat an elf from such a traitorous tribe so politely

He was the elf of the highest-ranking tribe, so he should be the one who was suitable to come into contact with the elves of the hero tribe.

He did not know what kind of despicable means this An Ran used to coax Shen Yanxiao to be so attentive to him.

If Shen Yanxiao was willing to tell him the secret of cultivation, then he believed that with his strength, he would definitely improve faster than An Ran.

“I did not! Whether you believe it or not, I am too lazy to say anything more.

Let go!” An Ran was a little angry.

He was very tired of others calling the Moonshine Tribe a traitor, but Shui Ling had repeatedly mentioned this point.

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