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Chapter 1230: Deliberately Making Things Difficult (3)

An Ran tried to break free from the elves grasp, but the elves grabbed him even harder.

“An Ran, youre really shameless.

As an adult elf, youre actually following behind a little elf.

Do you know of shame If you tell me the secret honestly today, everything would be fine.

But if you dont, dont blame me for being impolite.” A trace of ruthlessness flashed in Shui Lings eyes.

“Dont think that your friendship with Yan Xiao is so great.

Yan Xiao does have some skills in cultivation, but she is only an underage elf.

You have also seen how useless she is on the training ground.

Dont expect her to help you out.

Moreover, I already know that Yan Xiao was originally an elf without a tribe.

It was only not long ago that Elder Yue pitied her and took her into the Moonlight Tribe.

I believe this is also because of Yan Xiaos performance in the Pure Spirit Tower, right” Shui Ling sneered.

This was news he had only learned yesterday.

The elves who joined the tribe at the last minute were different from the original elves of the tribe, and their talents were also greatly different.

Shui Ling wanted to come into contact with Shen Yanxiao before because he thought she was an original elf of the Moonlight Tribe, but he had not expected that she had only sneaked in halfway.

If that was the case, he had nothing to worry about.

“Say, if Elder Yue knew Yan Xiaos embarrassing performance on the training ground, would he immediately kick her out of the Moonlight Tribe, so as to not smear the name of the Moonlight Tribe” Shui Lings smile became more and more evil.

This little trash who didnt know how to appreciate favors.

To think that he still had the heart to befriend her back then.

“Yan Xiao will not smear the name of the Moonlight Tribe! Her performance in the Pure Spirit Tower is something you guys cannot catch up with even if you flatter your mouth off!” An Ran angrily clenched his fists.

His heart was full of gratitude towards Shen Yanxiao.

He would not allow any elf to slander her like this.

“Ha! Are you talking about her performance on the training ground when she couldnt even hit her target Youre really making me laugh to death.” Shui Ling laughed loudly.

“You!” An Ran waited for Shui Ling.

He could not understand when such a vicious existence existed among his own kind.

The Qingyuan Tribe did not get along with the Moonshine Tribe before, but the competition between them was also a fair and aboveboard competition of strength.

They would never do such despicable things.

“Alright, I wont talk so much nonsense with you.

Are you going to tell me the secret today or not” Shui Ling had mocked him enough.

What he needed was the secret to cultivation, not to waste his breath with this traitor.

“Ive already said what I needed to say.” An Ran was already annoyed.

If he could, he simply wanted to take back the words he said before.

He should not have told these guys what Yan Xiao said, even if these words had no presence in their ears.

“Alright, I want to see how long you can keep your mouth shut.” Shui Ling gave the other elves a look, and they immediately picked up An Ran and dragged him out forcefully.

“Shui Ling, what are you doing!” An Ran growled.

Shui Ling said, “Dont be so nervous.

You forgot that Qie Er had said that during our time in the advanced training camp, we can have afriendly match.

An Ran, since your strength has grown quite a bit, I also want to learn a thing or two from you.”

As Shui Ling spoke, his lips curled into a cold smile.

“No, I should say we all want to learn a thing or two.”

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