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Naturally, Tang Nazhis wish did not come true.

After the students had their lunch, the teachers led them to the Obscure Forest.

Located at the northernmost part of Longxuan Empire, the Obscure Forest not only had a large surface area but it was also the favorite place of low-level magical beasts.

That meant that the students not only had to be wary of their opponents strategy; they also had to keep an eye out for any attacks from those magical beasts.

As they made their way to the forest, the teachers fed Qi Xia, Yang Xi, and Yan Yu with the potion that was to suppress their magic and battle aura.

A few minutes later, the formerly vigorous and lively youths immediately looked as if they had lost their spirit.

Shen Yanxiao sat opposite the three of them and frowned when she saw their pale complexions.

Even though she had accumulated some knowledge about herbalism, she was not sure if she could even produce the antidote.

“When we reach the outer ring of the Obscure Forest, we should immediately conceal ourselves.

Tang Nazhi and I will be in charge of gathering the medicinal ingredients.” Shen Yanxiao analyzed their situation.

The students have been divided into their groups, and each group had their own carriages.

All of them were sent to the entrance of the Obscure Forest.

“Why do you worry so much Maybe the rest of them did not even think about this.” Tang Nazhi was an optimistic person, and he did not think that those students would seize that opportunity.

Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows and smiled.

“We shall see what happens later.”

In fact, Shen Yanxiaos guess was 100% accurate.

The students were already prepared when they reached the entrance to the forest.

The students who were ready to sit on the sideline became excited as they thought about the helplessness of those top students like Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi.

It was a golden opportunity.

Everyone knew that once the top-ranked students recovered their strength, then the rest of them would be reduced to the role of bystanders.

Compared to Qi Xia and Yang Xi, the situation of the other students was much better.

True to what Ouyang Huanyu had said, the weakening effect of the potion would vary for each student and it would also depend on the students strengths as well.

For regular students, they would only experience a drop in their accuracy and attack speed.

Even though they were not as powerful as they were before they had the potion, it was still acceptable to them.

However, it was a different story for Qi Xia and the rest.

Shen Yanxiao had checked with them.

Those three could not even run fast, let alone to use magic and battle aura!

Should she praise them for being powerful Or loath them for being susceptible to the potion

As a matter of fact, the three of them could barely manage to stand straight, so they had to lean against Shen Yanxiao and Tang Nazhi as they stood outside the Obscure Forest.

Shen Yanxiao could sense the malicious gazes from all around her.

If the test had started, she had no doubts that the other students would pounce and attack them.

It did not only happen to Shen Yanxiaos group.

Even Cao Xus team attracted the attention of the other students.

It seemed that both of the strongest teams had become everyone elses prey.

Fortunately, Ouyang Huanyu was not heartless with his students.

He had stipulated a condition that no students were allowed to attack another student in the first hour after they entered the forest.

In that hour, it would be pivotal for each team to plan their route.

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