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Chapter 1235: Tigers Dont Show Their Might and Instead Act Like A Sick Cat (3)

Shui Ling and the others returned to the Pure Spirit Tower.

Qie Er stood aside and did not ask anything.

Qie Er knew very well how strong An Ran was.

Shui Lings strength was almost equal to that of An Ran, and with the help of several other elves, it would not take much effort to deal with An Ran.

Qie Ers eyes turned to the open door of the Pure Spirit Tower.

He was looking forward to that petite figure coming with anger.

He wanted to see Shen Yanxiao go berserk and do something that violated the training camp rules.

Qie Er did not like Shen Yanxiao.

He could not accept such an unknown elf tarnishing the hero tribe in his heart.

Since she was an eyesore, he would strip her of her qualifications.

Qie Er himself did not have much of a problem with An Ran.

It was only strange that Shen Yanxiao was only on good terms with An Ran in the entire advanced training camp.

If they wanted to anger Shen Yanxiao, they had to touch An Ran.

Shui Ling came back.

Qie Er estimated that Shen Yanxiao would have found An Ran by now.

Would this unsociable elf completely go berserk because her friend was being bullied

Qie Ers heart was full of expectation.

Under his expectant gaze, he finally saw that tiny figure.

Shen Yanxiao held the longbow in her hand and strode towards the Pure Spirit Tower.

There was no trace of expression on her white face.

Qie Ers heart began to beat wildly.

Shen Yanxiao directly walked into the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

The moment she stepped into the Pure Spirit Tower, all the elves eyes were focused on her.

Shen Yanxiaos eyes and the longbow in her hand made the elves feel that the battle would break out at any moment.

They all knew very well that when Shui Ling and the others brought An Ran out, only Shui Ling and the others came back.

They didnt even need to think about what had happened to An Ran.

Now, Shen Yanxiao was aggressively chasing after them with a bow.

Wasnt this going to start a fight

Shui Ling and the other elves gathered together and stared at Shen Yanxiao.

“Shui Ling.” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes at Shui Ling who was surrounded by several elves.

“What is it” Shui Ling raised his eyebrows with a disapproving expression.

Shen Yanxiao sneered and said, “Your hands have been itchy recently, havent they Its not fun to spar with An Ran.

How about I accompany you”


Shen Yanxiao directly issued a challenge to Shui Ling.

Shui Ling was slightly stunned before he laughed out loud.

“Yan Xiao, are you serious” Dont joke around.

No matter how good Yan Xiaos performance in the Pure Spirit Tower was, she was a tragic sight on the training ground.

If they really fought, she was probably not even as good as An Ran.

Qie Er stood silently at the side with a trace of regret in his eyes, but was immediately replaced with a smile.

He had thought that with Shen Yanxiaos young and ignorant character, after discovering that An Ran was being bullied, she would not care about the consequences and directly fight Shui Ling.

But he did not expect that this little fellow still had some brains and knew that fighting privately violated the rules of the training camp.


Her intelligence was limited to this.

Although Shui Lings strength was only average among black elves, Shen Yanxiaos performance in actual combat was so bad that it was unbearable to look at.

Although it was somewhat regretful that he could not anger Shen Yanxiao and directly drive her out using the rules of the training camp, it was also not bad to let Shui Ling teach her a lesson in a spar.

No one believed that Shen Yanxiao was Shui Lings opponent.

All the elves had seen Shen Yanxiaos poor performance on the training ground in the morning.

Shen Yanxiao was no longer that mysterious little elf.

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