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Chapter 1238: Tigers Dont Show Their Might and Instead Act Like A Sick Cat (6)

There was a certain difference between the archery skills of humans and elves.

The attacks of humans were more focused on the effects.

Every arrow was very tricky, and every arrow was aimed at the vital parts of the enemy.

This was the instinct of humans to kill.

However, as elves had been away from a life and death battle for a long time, their archery was more focused on elegance and accuracy.

They would subconsciously avoid the vital parts when aiming at their opponents.

This was the nature of the elves.

It was because of the difference between the two that resulted in completely different effects.

Shen Yanxiao had the instincts of a human being to kill, while also having the elegance and precision of an elf.

She was very aggressive.

At first, Shui Ling felt that he was going to win easily, but when he realized that every arrow of Shen Yanxiao was aimed at his heart, he was completely shocked.

He wanted to teach Shen Yanxiao a lesson, but he did not expect that what Shen Yanxiao showed was her clear intent to kill!

When facing the shadow of death, Shui Lings heart began to waver.

This was a suppression of aura!

Elves could never be as cruel as humans.

When facing such a battle for the first time, it was probably very difficult for them to maintain their calm.

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiaos shooting speed was actually a bit faster than his.

On one hand, Shui Ling wanted to attack, but on the other hand, he had to dodge every arrow coming his way.

The gap between seconds gradually widened, making him slowly go from calm to flustered.

“Is Yan Xiao trying to kill Shui Ling” The elves on the side also noticed the way Shen Yanxiao attacked.

For them, who were far away from war, this kind of pressure was too strong.

“Isnt this just a spar Why is Yan Xiao so…” The elves swallowed their saliva.

They imagined looking at a wild beast biting its opponent crazily.

Qie Er stood on the side and watched in horror.

He never dreamed that a young elf would attack so fiercely and ruthlessly.

A thought involuntarily appeared in Qie Ers mind.

This little elf who usually kept quiet was not someone to be trifled with.

She might be able to turn a blind eye to small scuffles and endure it, but once it touched her reverse scale, there was no possibility of peace.

To the death.

Shen Yanxiaos anger was not something that could be resolved with a beating!

What she wanted was a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye.

If she was unhappy, she would return it to them a hundredfold!

What was even more terrifying was that Qie Er actually could not see any chance of Shui Ling turning the tide.

Even under Shen Yanxiaos concentrated attacks, Shui Ling actually showed a trace of panic.

Shen Yanxiao even had a few arrows that directly brushed past Shui Lings arrows.

If she was even a little careless, that arrow would have accurately pierced Shui Lings heart!

On one side were the elves who had lived a comfortable life for a thousand years, while on the other side was Shen Yanxiao who had lived through a bloody storm.

The way the two attacked was vastly different.

Shen Yanxiaos disadvantage in terms of level was completely compensated by her actual combat experience.

In the end, words and tactics could not compare to the ruthlessness that was honed through blood.

What Shen Yanxiao wanted was not to beat Shui Ling up.

What she wanted was Shui Lings life!

This time, Qie Er panicked.

He wanted to teach Shen Yanxiao a lesson, but he absolutely did not want to see Shen Yanxiao kill Shui Ling in anger.

If that happened, he would definitely be punished by Elder Yue!

Facing an enraged beast, the naive elves finally realized that death was hovering over their heads.

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