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Chapter 1251: Shui Lings Death (1)

Shen Yanxiao was taken to the meeting room of the advanced training camp.

She entered the door and saw a row of elves sitting in front of her.

Apart from Elder Yue, Mo Yu, Mo Feng, and the other five captains of the Silvermoon Guards were surprisingly present.

Other than these six old acquaintances, there were also three serious-looking elves in light armor sitting on one side.

“Yan Xiao has been brought here.” The elf guard brought Shen Yanxiao into the meeting room, then stood at the entrance and guarded her.

Shen Yanxiao looked around.

Elder Yue still had a gentle smile on his face, but the five elves of Mo Yu were a little nervous.

On the other hand, the three elves who had never seen Shen Yanxiao looked at her with very sharp eyes, as if they were trying to see through her.

“You are Yan Xiao” The elf sitting beside Elder Yue asked.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.

“I am General He Xu of the advanced training camp.

A few days ago, did you recently get into a conflict with Shui Ling and injure him” He Xu looked at Shen Yanxiao seriously.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and said, “Conflict If I remember correctly, I proposed to spar with Shui Ling in front of all the elves.

I believe that all the elves there can testify for me.”

He Xu glanced at Shen Yanxiao and then looked at the other two elves.

“Your instructor, Qie Er, reported that you injured him when you got into a conflict with Shui Ling.

Is this true”

He Xus question directly ignored Shen Yanxiaos previous explanation, as if comparing notes and conflicts were the same in his eyes.

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao did not explain anything else.

Looking at the situation in front of her, she knew that the matter this time was absolutely serious.

Otherwise, the three generals of the advanced training camp would not have been dispatched, and Elder Yue, the highest authoritative figure of the training camp, was also called over, along with Mo Yu and others who recommended her to the advanced training camp.

“General He Xu, I have something to say!” Mo Yu did not wait for He Xu to open his mouth and immediately said, “Sparring with each other in the training camp is a common thing.

Moreover, Yan Xiao has already stated that she had requested to spar with Shui Ling in front of many witnesses.

This is permitted in the training camp, so it cannot be classified as a conflict!”

Before coming to the advanced training camp, Mo Yu and the others already knew everything that had happened here.

As for what He Xu had said about Shen Yanxiao killing Shui Ling because of a conflict, when Mo Yu and the others first heard about it, they felt that it was inconceivable.

They knew very well how high Shen Yanxiaos level was.

The elves in the advanced training camp were all black elves.

Even if Shen Yanxiaos speed of improvement was extremely fast, it was impossible for her to rise from a yellow elf to a black elf in just half a month.

The difference in level between the elves would cause the strength of both sides to be distinct.

A yellow elf was absolutely unable to kill a black elf in a head-on battle.

Not to mention anything else, just the disparity in the source of life between the two would be very difficult to overcome.

This was in the exception that she had not poisoned him, but after coming to the advanced training camp, Mo Yu and others had learned that Shen Yanxiao was sparring with Shui Ling in front of so many witnesses, so there was no possibility of poisoning him.

In the face of He Xus aggressive attitude towards Shen Yanxiao, Mo Yu and the others were very unhappy.

This was a good seedling that they had painstakingly selected.

How could she be casually involved in a murder case

He Xu glanced at Mo Yu.

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