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Chapter 1252: Shui Lings Death (2)

“What Im asking now is not whether its a spar or a conflict.

What Im asking is whether Yan Xiao injured Shui Ling.

Yan Xiao has already admitted to this,” He Xu said.

Admit your ass!

If it wasnt for the fear of causing unnecessary trouble, with Mo Yus character, he would have long pounced over and punched this stubborn general.

This fellow had been misleading them all along, distorting the normal spars into private conflicts.

The difference between the two terms was huge.

Sparring was allowed in the advanced training camp, but conflicts were strictly prohibited!

Shen Yanxiao admitted that she had injured Shui Ling not because she had a conflict with Shui Ling.

Did your parents know that you were trying to confuse others!

“Mo Yu, calm down first.” The calm Mo Feng suppressed Mo Yu, but it was not difficult to see from his expression that he found it very strange that Shen Yanxiao could injure Shui Ling.

Mo Yu quieted down, and He Xu continued to ask, “Yan Xiao, do you know about Shui Lings sudden death this morning”

Shen Yanxiao said, “When the guard told me just now, I only knew then.”

Shen Yanxiao was very sure that Shui Lings death was absolutely not because of her.

She was not stupid enough to provoke trouble while concealing her strength.

Because of the stability of the Moon God Continent, elves rarely had any abnormal deaths, so Shen Yanxiao understood how serious the sudden death of an elf was for these elves in charge of the advanced training camp.

“Very good.

According to our investigation, before Shui Ling died, he did not come into contact with any other dangerous items.

He only sparred with you a few days ago and was injured afterwards.

Furthermore, his injuries were not light.

During this period of time, he had been recuperating before he suddenly died.

Do you have anything to say about this” Under Mo Yus protest, He Xu finally changed the term conflict into a spar.

Shen Yanxiao suddenly smiled.

“Honorable General He Xu, are you trying to say that I killed Shui Ling”

Shen Yanxiaos reaction made the three generals present frown.

In such a serious situation, Shen Yanxiao, as the suspect, could actually still smile

“At least for now, thats the only reason Shui Ling could have died,” He Xu said.

Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders and leisurely sat down on a chair at the side.

She smiled and said, “Since General He Xu has investigated me and Shui Ling, then you should know that I am just an elf who was temporarily inserted into the advanced training camp.

I am not a black elf,” Shen Yanxiao said as she pointed at the temporary badge on her chest.

He Xu frowned and said, “But according to Qie Er, on the first day after entering the advanced training camp, you have been cultivating on the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower for ten days.

You may not have been a black elf before, but no one can guarantee that you did not increase your rank after leaving the Pure Spirit Tower.”

“This little guy has been cultivating in the Pure Spirit Tower for… ten days” He Xus words made Mo Yu and the others on the side drop their jaws in shock.

The five of them could be said to be the best in the advanced training camp, but when they first entered the Pure Spirit Tower, the time they could cultivate in the Pure Spirit Tower was only one-tenth of Shen Yanxiaos time…

They simply couldnt imagine how this little fellow with limitless potential had accomplished this.

This shocking news made these guys who recommended Shen Yanxiao to enter the advanced training camp feel incomparably shocked!

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