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Chapter 1260: Talk (2)

“How can she improve so quickly” Qie Er frowned as he looked at his record.

He found it hard to imagine that there were elves who could improve so quickly in such a short time.

Just as Qie Er was puzzled, a voice that carried a hint of a smile suddenly sounded behind Qie Er.

“Is it really that fast”

Qie Er suddenly stood up and turned to look at the source of the voice.

At some point, Shen Yanxiao had appeared at the door of his room.

The delicate little elf was leaning against the door with a smile on her face, and her emerald eyes were staring directly at Qie Er.

“Yan Xiao! What are you doing here” Qie Er immediately closed the sheepskin book and looked at Shen Yanxiao with some hostility.

He already knew about Shen Yanxiaos “acquittal”, but Qie Er did not believe in the results of the trial.

Apart from Shen Yanxiao, Shui Ling had not come into contact with any dangerous substances during this period of time.

Even the healing potions he used when he was recuperating had been tested by the pharmacists in the advanced training camp, and there was nothing unusual about them.

However, Shui Ling inexplicably died.

Qie Er was certain that all of this must have something to do with Shen Yanxiao!

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and looked at the unhappy Qie Er.

She crossed her arms over her chest and leisurely walked to the room before casually finding a stool and sitting down.

“Let me talk to you.”

“What do you have to talk about with me” Qie Ers expression was somewhat nervous.

His previous observation of Shen Yanxiao had filled his heart with shock.

Others might not know, but Qie Er was very clear that a large part of the reason for the conflict between Shen Yanxiao and Shui Ling was because he was guiding Shui Ling into it.

Now that Shui Ling was dead, Qie Er somehow felt a trace of fear and hostility towards Shen Yanxiao.

“Why not” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and smiled, “You are the instructor of our batch of elves.

You are responsible for the training of us elves.

If there is anything I dont understand, of course I have totalk with you.”

Qie Er gritted his teeth and pretended to be calm as he sat down.

“Well, if you have any questions, I will try my best to answer them for you, but after that, please leave immediately.” He did not want to be alone with Shen Yanxiao at all.

Shen Yanxiao crossed her legs and calmly looked at the nervous Qie Er.

Qie Ers private schemes had long been exposed in Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

She did not want to pursue the matter before because she was too lazy to waste her energy, but now the situation was different.

“Qie Er, theres something that Ive been wondering about.”

“If you say so.” Qie Er frowned.

“Oh, I just want to know, why do you hate me so much” Shen Yanxiao smilingly asked.

Qie Er was shocked.

She knew!

“What are you talking about How can I hate you You are the same to me as other elves.

You are thinking too much.” Qie Er immediately denied.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and slowly said, “Is that so So you didnt deliberately praise An Ran to provoke the dissatisfaction of other elves You also didnt tacitly allow Shui Ling and the others to make things difficult for An Ran And you also didnt agree to the spar between Shui Ling and I”

Every time Shen Yanxiao recount each event, Qie Ers heart jumped violently.

Without waiting for Qie Er to answer, Shen Yanxiao continued.

“As a teacher, you actually incited internal strife between elves.

Qie Er, your practice has violated the rules of the advanced training camp.”

“What are you talking about! I dont understand!” Qie Er fiercely protested.

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