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The bell rang through the Obscure Forest, and that announced the end of the protection period.

Almost instantly, the students who followed behind Shen Yanxiaos team took action.

Sounds of chants accompanied the blades of ice and bullets of fire hailed toward Shen Yanxiao and her team.

Even though the magic attack was quite weak, the time for the chant was short and with a fast shooting speed.

It was the best skill to have for a quick battle.

Qi Xia lacked his usual physical strength, and he was almost overwhelmed by the rain of ice blades and fire bullets before he managed to roll behind a large tree.

He relied on the trees huge trunk to block the magus frantic attacks.

Yan Yu barely managed to cast a layer of barrier, but the faint wall was so thin that it cracked into particles after it resisted only three ice blades.

Fortunately, he also managed to hide behind a big tree, though with great difficulty.

Yang Xi was a knight, and when compared to the other fragile magi and priests, he had a stronger defense.

When the attack started, he had managed to hold on to his shield and defended against several fire bullets and ice blades.

Even so, his iceberg-like expression darkened when he saw the number of swordsmen and knights who rushed at them.

“Damn it! Where is Shen Jue” Tang Nazhi had immediately hid behind a rock when the attack started.

He did not dare to reveal himself due to the arrows and magic bullets that flew past his head.

However, he did notice a grave matter.

The moment those trash students attacked them, Shen Jue had miraculously disappeared without a trace.

Tang Nazhis soft cursing immediately attracted the attention of his other three teammates.

Almost instantly, the three youths who had wondered if they should continue with their resistance then promptly laid down their weapons and walked out from their shelters gracefully.

The other students who were prepared to attack them suddenly stop as they saw their targets walked toward them with no weapons.

That scene confused them.

What was that

“Alright, you can stop attacking now.

There is no point to be drenched in sweat as you tire.” Qi Xias unusually handsome face revealed a lazy smile.

He casually removed his badge and threw it toward the students who stood rooted in their spot.


Yan Yu and Yang Xi followed his action and threw their badges after that too.

*Clink* *Clink*

The group of students jaws dropped.

What did that mean They had not even attacked for three minutes, nor did they have the chance to use any high-level magic or skills.

Why did their opponents surrender so easily

“Hey! What are you doing” Tang Nazhi stared at his **ty teammates actions with a dumbstruck expression.

He could not believe the scene in front of him.

‘We have yet to fight, and you surrendered just like that

‘Are you all invited by monkeys to be a spectacle

“Calm down.” Qi Xia wobbled toward Tang Nazhi.

Since his team member was still in shock, Qi Xia swiftly swiped the badge on Tang Nazhis

“…” Tang Nazhi was stunned.

‘Are you trying to court death!

The group of students was rendered speechless by the actions of their opponents.

This was just like they had struggled for a long time to decide if they should eat a highly toxic delicacy.

When they finally gritted their teeth and prepared to taste it, they suddenly noticed that not only was it not poisonous, but even the taste was…

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