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Chapter 1262: Talk (4)

When Shen Yanxiaos voice fell, Qie Ers body instantly stiffened, and his eyes that were full of fear were replaced by numbness.

Shen Yanxiao withdrew her hand and took a step back to stand in front of Qie Er.

Qie Ers head slowly dropped down.

His whole body seemed to have fallen apart as he leaned weakly on the chair.

In the next second, Qie Er suddenly raised his head and looked directly at Shen Yanxiao.

Only this time, there was no disgust, no fear in his eyes, only peace.

“Qie Er.” Shen Yanxiao called out softly.

Qie Er immediately stood up from his chair and stood upright in front of Shen Yanxiao.

“Qie Er is here!”

Shen Yanxiao looked at the effect of her curse with satisfaction.

Warlocks were a profession that only humans could learn.

Curses were very unfamiliar to the elves.

Thus, their resistance to curses was very low, so even if Qie Er was a black elf, Shen Yanxiao could still easily get him to fall into her hands.

Didnt he always dislike her

Then she would make him a puppet that would willingly obey her.

After controlling Qie Ers mind, he naturally would not have any negative emotions.

“I have also fulfilled my promise to Elder Yue.” Shen Yanxiao smiled wickedly.

She had promised Elder Yue not to get into conflict with more elves, but Elder Yue did not specify that she could not control other elves through special means.

Shen Yanxiao was not a good-tempered person.

Even though she knew that it was Qie Er who was behind all this, she would absolutely not tolerate it.

“Qie Er, from today onwards, all of your actions will be the same as before.

You dont have to care about my matters, but if other elves want to bully An Ran again, you must take up your role as a mentor and stop them.

Do you understand” Shen Yanxiao issued the first order to Qie Er.

“Yes!” Qie Er nodded.

Shen Yanxiao casted a Combination Curse Technique called Control.

The power of this Combination Curse Technique was very potent.

Even though Shen Yanxiao was only an Advanced Warlock now, she could still rely on this Combination Curse Technique to mess with a Second Stage Professional, not to mention a black elf

This Combination Curse Technique would not cause any damage to Qie Ers spirit or his source of life.

It would only make him listen to Shen Yanxiao for a period of time.

Of course, during this period of time, Shen Yanxiao had to continuously use magic to maintain control.

As long as Shen Yanxiao did not retract control on her own, and as long as her magic was not dried up, Qie Er would become her most loyal follower.

Shen Yanxiao did this firstly to teach this narrow-minded instructor a lesson, and secondly, after hearing the filthy things, Shen Yanxiao realized that she must improve her strength as soon as possible in order to unlock all the seals in the shortest time possible and return to the Brilliance Continent.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao was not interested in playing tricks with any elf in the coming days.

She must devote herself to her cultivation in the Pure Spirit Tower.

While she was cultivating in the Pure Spirit Tower, she did not want An Ran to continue to be provoked by other elves.

Controlling Qie Er was a punishment and also an insurance.

Doing this would allow her to cultivate her source of life in the Pure Spirit Tower in peace and unlock the layers of seals!

Moreover, to make a proud elf who hated him listen to him, this kind of punishment was probably the most unacceptable for an incomparably arrogant elf.

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