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Chapter 1273: Double Cultivation Is The Kingly Way (5)

At night, Shen Yanxiao rested in the dormitory for the night.

The next morning, she immediately entered the third floor of the Pure Spirit Tower with the pass.

On the third floor, Shen Yanxiao took out the equipment needed to concoct potions from her storage ring.

She bought the most basic potions.

She did not buy anything that was too precise or too complicated.

Pharmaceutical supplies were very cheap in the Moon God Continent, because the elves here were basically equipped with a set each, so Shen Yanxiao did not spend too much money.

The price of potion formulas were also very cheap.

Other than grandmaster-level formulas, even master-level formulas cost no more than a thousand gold coins.

Shen Yanxiao used most of her money to buy medicinal herbs.

Although the medicinal herbs in the Moon God Continent were cheap, Shen Yanxiao had bought a lot of them for the next few months, so she had stocked up a lot.

When concocting potions, Shen Yanxiao did not forget to take out the dark crystal.

She specially bought a waist bag to put the dark crystal in.

This way, even in the process of concocting potions, she would have some contact with the dark crystal.

This way, Xiu could absorb dark elements in her body.

Shen Yanxiao praised her own wit.

After arranging everything, Shen Yanxiao first took out a high-level potion formula.

This formula was not difficult.

Shen Yanxiao planned to first try the difference between when she was in her elf state and her human state when concocting potions.

Shen Yanxiao carefully remembered the potion formula in her heart and began to fret over the herbs in her storage ring.

The moment the medicinal herbs were in her hands, Shen Yanxiao felt a wonderful feeling flowing from the medicinal herbs in her hands to her heart.

She could clearly feel the freshness and completeness of the herb.

This wonderful perception made Shen Yanxiao feel very interesting.

When picking herbs, a lacking way of picking would cause all kinds of damage to the medicinal properties of the herbs.

Only a skilled collector could completely preserve all the medicinal properties of the herbs.

If one encountered someone who was clumsy, it was very likely that the herbs would be damaged during the process of picking.

The freshness of medicinal herbs was also related to the medicinal properties of medicinal herbs.

Some medicinal herbs had stronger medicinal effects the fresher they were, but some had better effects the longer they were put in.

Most human pharmacists relied on their eyes to judge the freshness and completeness of herbs.

But now, Shen Yanxiao could clearly feel all of this.

Her spiritual perception was much more detailed than her naked eye.

This way, she could pick out the best herbs from the pile to concoct potions.

“No wonder the elves are born archers and pharmacists.

Such talent is really incomparable to that of humans.” Shen Yanxiao felt that everything she was experiencing was extremely wonderful.

She picked out some of the better herbs from the pile and used them to concoct the medicine in front of her.

The best herbs would also produce a high-purity potion.

Shen Yanxiao began to process the herbs, grinding, squeezing, and filtering them.

She was very careful in every step.

As the potion concoction progressed, Shen Yanxiao felt that her grasp of these materials was becoming more and more precise.

Not by her eyes or her sense of smell, but by her mind.

It was as if her mind had opened a pair of eyes, allowing her to see many things that the naked eye could not.

While mixing herbs, she could accurately determine the weight of each drop of herbs.

During the preheating process, she could grasp the time difference of one second.

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