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Chapter 1275: Double Cultivation Is The Kingly Way (7)

From the previous batch of elves to the new batch of elves that had just entered the advanced training camp, they all knew that there was a heaven-defying little elf in the advanced training camp.

She was young, but her strength had reached an extremely terrifying level.

After entering the advanced training camp for a short one month, she had already rushed to the fourth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

Not a single elf in the previous batch could achieve that level of speed.

Generally speaking, talented elves could enter the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower in about a month after entering the advanced training camp.

There would basically be one to two such elves in every batch.

Take An Ran for example.

After a month of training, he finally obtained a pass to enter the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

Other than Shen Yanxiao, he was the only one among their batch of elves to enter the second floor.

Even though An Rans progress was fast, it was still within the acceptable range for the elves!

But Shen Yanxiao!

She was a pervert!

One floor per week! She did not even take a breather!

She reckoned that if not for the pass, she would stay in the Pure Spirit Tower until the training camp ended five months later!

Terrifying, too terrifying!

All the elves in the advanced training camp regarded Shen Yanxiao as a pervert.

Even Elder Yue expressed great shock when he learned of Shen Yanxiaos progress.

It could be said that from the establishment of the advanced training camp until now, no elves could compare to Shen Yanxiao in terms of speed of improvement.

Her appearance had completely broken the advancement record of the Pure Spirit Tower in the advanced training camp!

When Shen Yanxiao appeared again and took the pass to the fifth floor, the elves were already numb.

Wasnt it just the fifth level

It doesnt matter!

In any case, in another week, this girl would come and get the pass for the sixth floor.

They were used to it!

As Shen Yanxiao was progressing too fast, Elder Yue was worried if she could handle it.

For this reason, Elder Yue specially came to talk to Shen Yanxiao when she took the fifth floor pass.

As a result, he discovered that in a short span of half a month, Shen Yanxiao had advanced from a red elf to a white elf, and he was instantly speechless.

When he looked at Shen Yanxiao who had a ruddy complexion and a healthy aura, all the care and concern in Elder Yues heart shattered into pieces in an instant.

In the end, he could only remain silent for a long time before he allowed Shen Yanxiao to continue climbing the tower.

Shen Yanxiao intended to continue with her dual cultivation and enter the fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

However, the moment she stepped into the fifth floor, she immediately felt a huge force assaulting her face, and she felt dizzy.

“The aura here is so strong.” Shen Yanxiao immediately slowed down her source of lifes absorption of external energy.

The fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was far different from the previous four floors.

The energy here was very strong and pure.

Even if all the energy in the lower four levels were purified and combined together, it was not even half of the energy here.

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

Even though she had slowed down the absorption speed of her source of life, the surging life force was still frantically attacking her source of life.

It was as if the energy was eager to enter her body.

What was even more terrifying was that when the life force surged in, Shen Yanxiao clearly felt a slight tremble in her source of life, and waves of stabbing pain were spreading from her source of life to her body.

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