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Chapter 1280: The Peculiarity In The Pure Spirit Tower (5)

Elves were kind and pure, and the pollution would make them evil and complicated.

She was already not kind nor pure…

Therefore, pollution had no effect on her


He clearly came here to mock her!

Where was the promised high-end and classy Please dont make me suffer!

“Then I am really… lucky…” Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu with a fake smile.

The pink bubbles in her heart instantly shattered.

She knew it!

She knew it!

Xiu faintly said, “This is the innate nature of humans, but it is indeed a fatal poison for elves.”

“Why do you say that” Alright, she was not the only one who was ridiculed.

At the very least, she had dragged the entire human race with her, she could be considered as satisfied!

“Among the eight major races, human emotions are the most abundant and the most complicated.

Humans possess seven emotions and six sensory pleasures.

Different people grow up in different environments and the personalities they create are also entirely different.

However, this is not the case for the other races.

Other than humans, every race has their own prominent characteristic.”

“Elves are indifferent.

They coexist with the lives of all living things in the world.

They like peace and nature.

They are indifferent to everything that is outside.”

“Dwarves are impulsive.

Their likes and dislikes are very obvious.

They are fanatical about their likes and dislikes.”

“Merfolks are vain.

They live at the bottom of the sea and dance with the sea.

They like praises the most.”

“The dragons are greedy.

They pursue countless treasures to decorate their nest.”

“The undead are evil.

They like everything dark.”

“Demons are killing…”

Xius cold and cheerless voice narrated the uniqueness of the several races.

Every race had their unique points, but they were all very unified.

It was practically impossible for a greedy elf or a vain undead to appear.

Among humans, they contained all the negative emotions of the major races, which was very normal…

Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu and asked softly, “What about the god race” Would the god race that was revered by all have a negative personality

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao and slowly said, “Arrogant.”

“Arrogant” Shen Yanxiao pondered over this word that was not too belittling.

“The fundamental reason why the god race would not clash with races other than the Devil race is… disdain.” Xiu coldly said.

Other than the Devil race, no other race in the world was their opponent.

For the god race, only the Devil race was worthy of the word “opponent”!

“Too complicated negative emotions will disrupt the elves mental state.

The elves mainly rely on their source of life, and their indifference is also to better train their source of life.

However, once their feelings become complicated, their source of life will also be polluted.” This was a vicious cycle.

As long as a seed of negative emotions was planted in the elfs soul, it would automatically germinate in their source of life and slowly nibble away at their soul.

The reason why Shen Yanxiao was not affected by pollution was precisely because she was a human in a certain aspect.

She had been a human for more than a decade in her past and present life.

Complicated negative emotions were a piece of cake for her.

Therefore, pollution could not invade her unyielding heart.

That was because it was already darker than pollution…

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