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Other than Shen Yanxiao herself, no one else knew when she had left the battlefield.

While a particular team was nearly wiped out in the fight, the sole fortunate person could be seen leaping from tree to tree.

“Are you sure there are no problems with leaving those humans behind” The scarlet-haired child furrowed his eyebrows as held onto Shen Yanxiaos shoulders.

“What problem could there be Do not tell me that you have no wish to come out and enjoy the air” Shen Yanxiao quirked her eyebrows as her petite physique nimbly flashed past like a sprite.

The little guy on her shoulder was the Vermillion Bird and he had been forcefully squeezed into her body at the start of the school term.

Since she had to conceal her identity, she had no choice but to have an in-depth conversation with the Vermillion Bird a day before she left for school.

Fortunately, she managed to persuade the conceited and stinky little bird to fulfill the contract obediently and to stay in her soul to fight for the territory with Xiu.

The instance the protection period ended, she had taken advantage of the confusion to hide in a small thicket at the side.

Since she had a small physique and was also younger than the average students by two to three years, everyone else paid attention to her teammates and no one took any notice of her.

She decided to seize the opportunity and left the battlefield immediately.

Why should she continue to stay there if there were no coattails to ride

When she looked at the crowd of students who followed them, she immediately concluded that there was no way they would be able to defeat those students.

She preferred to make a hasty escape rather than to sit and wait for death to come for her.

In any case, as long as she had her badge, Qi Xia and the rest could continue to stroll around the Obscure Forest.

“Hmph! If it was not for the contract, did you think this lord would enter your body willingly” The Vermilion Bird said as he snorted with pride.

“There was no need for an escape at all.

My master would never cower in the face of danger, let alone a group of weak humans.

I could crush them to their death with just a simple wave of my fingers.”

The Vermilion Bird did not understand the situation.

It was only a fragile group of humans, so why would his disappointing master escape without a fight

He thought that Shen Yanxiaos behavior had dealt a great blow this is dignity as a mythical beast!

“Thank you, but I do not have any intentions to drop out yet!” Why did experts and mythical beast like to use their fingers to crush everything Since it was something of the past when Xiu had crushed an eighth-rank magical beast, then forget it.

However, the Vermilion Bird was so brutal to the extent he wanted to crush those dozens of students!

He was, indeed, a beast!

“You had better stay put.

Otherwise, I will shove you inside again.” Shen Yanxiao was too lazy to continue a redundant topic with the little bird who had no awareness of human rights, and she had something else to do then too.

Even though her team was pathetic, she had no intention to give up on the fight despite the fact that she had threw away the antidotes formula somewhere else.

She had only learned herbalism for a month, and they expected her to take on such a challenge It was akin to a kindergarten child who participated in a college exam!

‘It was a f*cking joke, alright!

Therefore, she had decided to abandon Qi Xia and the rest temporarily.

Only for temporarily!

She assumed that there would be a number of teachers who hid in the darkness of the forest.

They were responsible for the safety of the students, and to send the students out of the woods when they failed the test.

At the same time, they had to ensure that no low-level magical beasts would attack the students in the Obscure Forest.

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