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Chapter 1285: Silvermoon Guards Selection Exam (2)

Early in the morning, the elves who were participating in the selection gathered at the test venue.

There, a group of elves wearing the badge of the Silvermoon Guards stood orderly under the sun.

Their silver light armor was exceptionally eye-catching under the sun.

There were over 20 elves in this batch of examinees.

All of them stood on one side with nervous expressions as they looked at the Silvermoon Guards.

“Strange Yan Xiao isnt coming today” An elf who was participating in the selection looked around but did not see that abnormal little figure.

Ever since Shen Yanxiao entered the Pure Spirit Tower to train, they could only see her when she looked for Qie Er to change her pass.

As she obtained the last pass four months ago, it had been four months since they last saw her.

All the elves were curious about Shen Yanxiaos current strength.

Among this group of elves, An Rans strength was second only to Shen Yanxiao.

Before the end of the training period, he had already rushed to the fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

Unfortunately, time was not on his side.

He did not even train for two whole days on the fifth floor before he needed to leave for the test.

“I dont know.

I havent seen her for an entire morning.

I dont think she wont come.” Due to Qie Ers change in attitude, the elves treated Shen Yanxiao and An Ran much better.

“She has to come.

Im waiting to see how savage she has gotten!”

“I think savagery is the test.

I heard that none of us passed the test in the first few months.

It seems like the standard of the Silvermoon Guards has increased.

It has been half a year since any elf has entered.” A well-informed elf immediately reported the latest news he had heard about.

“Seriously Its still increasing In the previous test, only one or two elves could pass the first round.

If the standard continues to increase, who can pass!”

After the group of elves heard the news, they immediately wilted like a wilted eggplant.

Everyone knew that the Silvermoon Guards test was famous for being abnormal.

Even if they were elites among black elves, a large number of elves who participated in the Silvermoon Guards test would always be eliminated.

The elves who failed to enter the Silvermoon Guards would be arranged to work in other cities.

Black elves like them were still alright.

At the very least, they would be assigned to a black-level city, so it would not affect them much.

If it was the primary training camp, then it would be bad.

They might be assigned to a barren area like the Moonlight Coast.

“I dont want to think too much.

I can just stay in a black-level city and pretend that I am here for advanced studies for the next six months.” One of the elf was rather open-minded.

In fact, many elves in the advanced training camp had the same idea.

The Silvermoon Guards had always had a tricky selection process, and they all knew their limits.

They knew that it would be hard for them to be selected, but even if they could not be selected, they could still continue to work in the black-level cities, which meant there was no difference compared to before they entered.

Right now, the requirements for the Silvermoon Guards tryouts had increased once again, and practically all the elves had completely given up hope.

Only one elf had a torch-like gaze filled with determination.

An Ran stood on one side and looked at those elves of the Silvermoon Guards as he secretly clenched his fist.

No matter what, he had to enter the Silvermoon Guards! No matter how difficult the test was, he had to enter!

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