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Chapter 1293: Silvermoon Guards Selection Exam (10)

Shen Yanxiao became the last elf to pass the temperament test.

Next, there were four more tests.

The willpower evaluation method and temperament evaluation were basically the same.

For Shen Yanxiao, this type of test was a piece of cake.

In the following test, she easily passed it.

However, the other elves were not as powerful as Shen Yanxiao.

In the final herbalism test, only Shen Yanxiao and An Ran remained.

The other elves were eliminated by the test of willpower and actual combat.

The test of herbalism was as easy as lifting a finger for Shen Yanxiao.

She had also trained a lot in the Pure Spirit Tower during this period and she had already advanced to the level of a Great Herbalist!

The test could be said to be the simplest of all the tests, and Shen Yanxiao and An Ran had successfully completed it.

This also meant that both of them had the qualifications to enter the Silvermoon Guards!

“Tsk tsk, I feel that my previous actions were foolish.

If I had known that this little girl was so savage, I would not have asked for a beating.” After Mo Yu saw that Shen Yanxiao successfully passed all the tests, he touched the wound on his face with a bitter expression.

“It seems like I can really see her in Moonshine City in the future.

A silver elf that has yet to reach adulthood… I really wish to inform the head captain at once.” Mo Fengs eyes contained a trace of excitement.

The Silvermoon Guards had not selected a single new member for several months yet at this time, they had recruited two at once.

In the end, Qie Er summarized Shen Yanxiao and An Rans training period.

With control, Qie Er naturally picked out everything.

“This is the badge of the Silvermoon Guards.

Yan Xiao, you have a months time to prepare.

A month later, I will personally bring you into Moonshine City.” Mo Yu practically could not wait to take Shen Yanxiaos new badge from his comrade-in-charge and hand it to her with a smile.

“Sure.” Shen Yanxiao smiled and took the badge while her eyes flickered with anticipation.

Moonshine City, Im here!

“An Ran, I have to congratulate you too.

Your strength is pretty good and you will be my companion in the future.” When the members of the Silvermoon Guards who were in charge of the selection saw Shen Yanxiao surrounded by their five team leaders, they ran to An Ran to congratulate him.

No matter what the outside world said about the Moonshine Tribe, at least it did not affect them.

“Thank you.” An Ran excitedly held the badge in his hand.

His half a year of hard work had finally paid off.

The selection test for the Silvermoon Guards had officially ended.

The elves who were not selected would be assigned to other places in a day or two to take care of the guards.

Mo Yu and the rest had set out on their own accord.

After they obtained the results, they immediately rushed back to Moonshine City.

Shen Yanxiao and An Ran returned to the dormitory to pack their belongings.

They would have a month to prepare and after that, they would have to enter Moonshine City to take up the job of guarding the Tree of Life!

“Yan Xiao, where are you going next” After passing the test, An Ran could not hide the smile on his face.

One could only imagine how excited he was.

Shen Yanxiao said, “I dont know yet.

Well talk about it when the time comes.”

“If you dont mind, I welcome you to Jadeite City.

I believe the leaders will like you.” An Ran warmly invited Shen Yanxiao to visit the Moonshine Tribe.

Shen Yanxiao chuckled and nodded.


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