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Chapter 1296: Moonlight Tribe (3)

“Yes.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

The other party immediately revealed a smile.

“I heard Wu Yue mention you.

Haha, this little girl is quite likable.

My name is Wu En, and I am also a member of the Moonlight Tribe.” Wu En smiled as he looked at the little girl who had just joined their big family.

The joy in his eyes could not be concealed.

Due to the advancement of her source of life, Shen Yanxiaos appearance had also undergone a subtle change.

Previously, her appearance was considered stunning among humans, but among the elves, she could only be considered delicate and pretty.

However, as she broke through to the silver elf realm, her facial features became more exquisite and her skin got more flawless.

Even in the world of elves, she could be considered devastatingly gorgeous.

Coupled with Shen Yanxiaos usual smiling appearance, how could Wu En, who had not seen a youngblood in their family, not like her

Shen Yanxiao blinked.

Wu Yue seemed to be referring to Elder Yue

“Hey, little girl.

Why arent you going in when youre at your home What if you catch a cold here” Wu En had always liked elf youngling.

And now that he knew that this baby elf belonged to his tribe, he liked her even more.

He was now afraid that Shen Yanxiao would catch a cold.

“Great Master Wu En!” A young elf ran all the way to Wu Ens side with a bottle of translucent, sparkling potion in his hand.

“Ah Kid, why are you here again” Wu En speechlessly looked at the young man that suddenly appeared.

The young elf looked at Wu En as if he wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Great Master Wu En, Ive been waiting for you for several days.

Please help me point out the problem with this Recovery Potion.”

Wu En wrinkled his nose and said, “Go, go.

I dont have time today.

Lets talk another day.”


Without waiting for the young elf to finish speaking, Wu En directly pulled Shen Yanxiao and walked towards the Moonlight Tribe, completely forgetting that elf who was about to cry due to anxiety.

Shen Yanxiao was dragged away by Wu En along the way.

Along the way, she even looked back at that teary-eyed elf.

She had heard of a Recovery Potion before.

It was a Great Herbalist potion and it was even considered one of the highest quality potions among Great Herbalists potions.

At the very least, she was incapable of producing it since she had just become a Great Herbalist.

That elf had come to inquire about it with Wu En.

It looked like Wu En did not find the Recovery Potion difficult.

Could it be, Wu En was already at the peak among Great Herbalists

Shen Yanxiao turned around with doubts.

However, she did not notice that the moment she turned her head and slightly turned her body, the Moonlight Badge hanging on her chest had fallen into the young elfs eyes.

Almost in an instant, the young elf stopped crying!

“Am I… seeing things” The young elf hesitantly reached out and rubbed his eyes.

Why did he seem to see the Moonlight Tribes badge on that little elf


He must have gotten fatigued from researching potions and thus, had hallucinations!

How many years had it been for the Moonlight Tribe The number of elves in the tribe had always been shrinking, and they had never seen any newborns.

Moreover, that elf was so young, so how could she be from the Moonlight Tribe

He must be hallucinating!



It was definitely an illusion!

He had to go back and rest.

He was so tired that his eyesight had gone bad!

While the young elf was wondering if he was seeing things, Wu En had already dragged Shen Yanxiao into the Moonlight Tribe.


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